Oregon’s Insane Health Rationing

For those of you who wanted socialized medicine so badly, think of how Oregon is managing it’s State Healthcare program.

Oregon has always been front running in health care policy, with the first shining example being OMAP’s initial plan to cut the coverage for end of life care down to a thousand bucks at the same time it initiated funding for physician assisted suicide.

Now a new list of priorities for rationing of government funds for health care puts abortion near the top of the list for treatment priority of funding, ahead of such things as treating ectopic pregnancy, STDs or infection and hemorrhage resulting from miscarraige. Abortion is also waaaaay out ahead of closed hip fractures and obstructive or strangulated hernias.

Happy socialized medicine, people. You just get in line behind that woman wanting an abortion, for the funding to fix your hernia or hemorrhage. Killing comes first in Oregon.

Book Purging courtesy of Your government

The backdoor method of erasing all politically incorrect cultural heritage, published before 1985 is to pass a “green law” decreasing the allowable lead content in books, and demanding that all those published before the restrictions be eliminated. They have to keep those old Bibles away from your kids, especially.

So keep all of your old kids books and pass them down. I was going to send a bunch to Goodwill, but not anymore. Give them directly to other families who aren’t afflicted with paranoid lead-phobia.

The amusing part of this is to think of the massive book disposal problem this has created for commercial and public institutions, and the landfills which receive their waste.

Fertility clinic error = another kid in the trash.

A little booboo at the Kagawa Prefectural Central hospital has caused a good deal of inconvenience and misery. A mixup at the Fertility clinic caused a woman to be impregnated with the wrong baby. When the error was discovered, the woman aborted, due to unwillingness to raise an kid who is biologically unrelated.

Too bad she didn’t take advantage of the big demand for Asian kids in the U.S. The woman is suing for 250,000 dollars, but that isn’t going to fix her double trouble.

Obama knows how to pick em.

Here’s some more trouble for Rahm Emanuel , Obama’s chief of staff. He’s forgotten about taxes on free rent, for one, and it appears that he owes on a total of 100,000 dollars over 5 years.
None of these guys think they have to pay taxes.

It also appears that Emanuel served on the Freddie Mac Board
during the period that this government backed financial institution was having trouble correctly reporting its earnings. After resigning fro the board, he also received a considerable campaign donation from Freddie Mac (25,000) the largest bolus gift to a house candidate, in 2002.

I think he fits right in with the rest of Obama’s picks….. What a guy!

South Dakota Defines Human Life

When the Roe V Wade Decision was made, the Supreme Court justices did not have the time (nor the intellectual ability ) to consult references in the field of embryology. This might have allowed them to understand when the life of a sexually reproducing organism begins. The Justices left that question up in the air (in their view) to justify the wholesale killing of humans early in development.

The North Dakota House has passed legislation recognizing the biological facts. This upends the Roe V Wade decision, by directly giving a legal answer (recognizing the biological one) concerning the beginning of human life, and it recognizes the most basic human right at the same time.

It will be interesting to see if the Senate kills this bill, or to watch the court battles if the bill survives.

All of the justification for abortion is based upon two political postures: 1) ignorance of biology, or 2) willingness to claim that one has the authority to determine which humans may be killed.

Increasingly the leftists are becoming more comfortable with number 2, once they weary of being trashed for number 1.

the evolution debate

Evolution is a Theory. Once a person speaks of “believing in evolution” then the person is abusing a scientific theory as a religion.

Science is a method for gaining understanding of physical phenomena. The spiritual phenomena and understandings are outside of science, and the methodology is poorly applicable at best.

Here is an excerpt from Darwin’s own book, on “The Origin of Species” showing that he obviously did not reject the Creator at the time of putting forth his theory about the mechanism.

“There is grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having originally been breathed by the Creator into a few forms or into one; and that whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity, from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being evolved.”

Yep, that is at the tail end of his book, and even the word ‘Creator’ is capitalized.

Perjury is also OK if you’re a Democrat

The news media would not like to have the distraction of an investigation into Roland Burris’s possible perjury regarding his relationship with Blagojevich, of the “senate seat for sale scandal”

Recall that Burris is the recipient of the seat that would have been sold, had Blagojevich been permitted to complete the job.

The Republicans are calling for his resignation, but the news media would not like to see, since “It’s not the kind of distraction Senate Democrats need as they try to move forward the president’s agenda“.

Also it’s difficult for the media to use the D word in association with Burris, these days. There must be something to this story…..

Another lawsuit for Planned Parenthood

A Warren County, Ohio woman has filed suit, in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court, against Planned Parenthood for failing to report suspected abuse when she presented for an abortion as a minor.

The plantiff reports having been abused from age 13 to 17 by her father, and being impregnated by him. When the Planned Parenthood employees (at the Mt Auburn facility in Cincinnati) took her history, she stated that she had been made to do things that she did not want to do.

The lawsuit alleges that Planned Parenthood’s failure to report the suspected sex abuse, resulted in one and a half more years of mistreatment after the abortion occurred.

Thirteen year old Father in the UK

It’s time to rethink the failed sex ed problem in the UK. Because of the ease in obtaining birth control drugs, there is an increase in the demand for abortion among teens. There are also a plethora of very young teens bearing children, and living on government benefits.

For the lefties, this story of a 13 year old father and his 15 year old girlfriend is more troublesome than the abortions.
In their view, kids should be available for sex, but not reproduction.