We are made out of MONEY

Sen Schumer asks for 75 million dollars for security alone, for the trials of the 911 masterminds in New York.

Obama, assuring us that Khalid Shiekh Mohammed will be convicted, wishes to spend millions on a prolonged trial for people who have already pled guilty.

Newsflash, this is a miscarriage even of civilian judicial procedure. There is no need to establish guilt in those who plead guilty and only proceedings to determine the sentence usually take place.

In this case, the purpose is to try the United States, reveal the methodology used to find the 911 conspirators, and hamstring efforts to prevent future attacks. All of this self destruction is to be carried out at huge expense to the taxpayers.

Obama: Professed 9/11 mastermind will be convicted

It is truly Obama’s fault that these particular war criminals are not up before a military tribunal.

Cougar Fuel.

An investigational drug for depression failed in clinical trials, but an unintended side effect might translate to marketability of this drug as a libido enhancer for ladies.

Boehringer Ingleheim conducted clinical trials of Flibanserin in North America, and findings indicate that  taking 100mg of  drug per day over 24 weeks elicited patient  reports of significant increase of libido and number of satisfactory sexual encounters.

Recall that Viagra was first tested for hypertension, found wanting, and was  then made famous as a “pick me up” for men.  The same compound is also used to treat pulmonary hypertension.

Flibanserin is still only an investigational drug.   Patience, gurrrls. 

Still waiting for AP to Find Out that Bill Ayers Wrote Obama’s Books

AP has 11 reporters combing Palin’s autobiography  (helping each other read it). 

So far AP has  neglected to do any fact finding on Obama, his birth, his academic  transcripts, his job experience and resume, his medical records,  his associations with criminals and terrorists, and the details of his claim to citizenship.

Is the difference in scrutiny due to sex, race or political ideology, or a combination of the three?

Second officer tells of downing Fort Hood shooter | StarNewsOnline.com | Star News | Wilmington, NC

A much smaller story has emerged concerning the shooting of Terrorist Hasan at Fort Hood. Officer Kimberly Munley was initially given credit for downing the gunman, but a new story states that police Sgt Mark Todd fired shots which brought Hasan down.

Second officer tells of downing Fort Hood shooter | StarNewsOnline.com | Star News | Wilmington, NC

This is not quite so dramatic as the earlier story.

Seems the media has gotten very little straight about events at Ft Hood, including the initial inaccurate reports that Maj. Hasan had been killed.