The Dems are Mad at the Pope and Needing Diversion

This tactic is analogous to the leftist attacks on tea partiers for violence which they never committed. The vast preponderance of violence has been on side of the liberals. The teapartiers have staged the most orderly protests in human history.

Yep……. the Liberals revived this  sex scandal business, because the Pope pushed the U.S. Bishops to oppose Obamacare. Revenge and distraction, it is.

So how is this going to work out? The Pope is being castigated because liberals wormed their way into the priesthood, and did what they usually do, have sex with the underaged. The Church is not the Police, and that is not its job, but Benedict XVI, who has been cleaning house, will be attacked to the greatest extent. Liberals are now being pushed out of positions of authority within the church by the pope, for their participation in the sex abuse, and this is the backlash.

Meanwhile the Dems are clearly aiming to use our tax dollars to buy viagra for sex offenders, instead of punishing them. Too many of their relatives and friends would have been angered if they had accepted yesterday’s amendment to he Senate health care bill to stop that practice.

The media will keep telling the public that the Church clergy should break their oaths associated with the sacrament of reconciliation.
The psychiatrists will not be asked to break the trust of their patients. That matter will be moot, as the government will possess your medical data.

Taking the Leftist agenda most of the way down its road– there will be systemic rooting out of the Christians, and any other religions with sex restrictions. The government will have all your medical data, but this will not matter for sex perverts. Data on men’s purchases of over the counter abortifacients will be of no significance. Planned parenthood failing to report obvious abuse of children is not considered a problem to leftists. Aborting the resultant babies,and hiding the rapes are considered a good service. At the “utopian” endpoint there would be no such thing as a sex crime, with all women and children being subject to this abuse. Worse than the Taliban, the leftists are.

Dems support buying viagra for sex offenders

Tom Coburn opened the trap and the Senate Dems jumped right in.

An amendment to the health care bill was introduced to stop any funding for Viagra and like drugs for sex offenders, rapists, and pedophiles.

The dems, claiming this amendment to be a mockery of the senate and themselves, did exactly as was expected, and voted against it… thus supporting the funding of erectile dysfunction treatments for sex offenders.

The Amendment was defeated 57 – 42.

T shirts, commercials, bumper stickers and ads are forthcoming, to celebrate this pavlovian response.

Big Horrible Accident in KY

Tractor trailer truck near Munfordville crossed the median on northbound 65, and hit a van full of people. Most of the van’s passengers have been killed.

The cleanup is still in process. Report from the traffic jam is that the the remains of the truck driver have not been found.
Lost in the accident, one goodhearted Mennonite family and one truck driver. Very sad business.
MY Way News enumerates:
In addition to John and Sadie Esh, the dead included their children Anna, Rose, Rachel, and Leroy and his wife, Naomi. Jalen, the adopted infant son of Leroy and Naomi, also was killed. Family friend Ashlie Kramer and the truck driver, 45-year-old Kenneth Laymon of Alabama, also died.

The only survivors of the crash were two boys from Guatemala also adopted by the couple as infants. Police credited child safety seats for sparing Josiah, 5, and Johnny, 3.

Kantor sez- quit whining for political gain, Dems

The House minority Whip, Eric Kantor, who is accustomed to real threats,  and whose campaign office apparently got a bullet through the window, told the Dems to quit pretending they’re the only ones who get threats.

The nutty left has become  increasingly Jew-hating, in the template of 1930s.  This reversal of attitude, likely comes after the massive infusion of funding and influence from the Middle e=East. – Cantor Says Campaign Office Was Shot At, Accuses Dems of Exploiting Threats.

One of the Dems,  was crying about a coffin placed in his yard to represent the patients who would die as a result of Obama-care.

Here’s a Toothless Executive Order- Look at the Last Line C

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release
March 24, 2010

Executive Order — Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s Consistency with Longstanding Restrictions on the Use of Federal Funds for Abortion



By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (Public Law 111-148), I hereby order as follows:

Section. 1. Policy. Following the recent enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (the “Act”), it is necessary to establish an adequate enforcement mechanism to ensure that Federal funds are not used for abortion services (except in cases of rape or incest, or when the life of the woman would be endangered), consistent with a longstanding Federal statutory restriction that is commonly known as the Hyde Amendment. The purpose of this order is to establish a comprehensive, Government-wide set of policies and procedures to achieve this goal and to make certain that all relevant actors — Federal officials, State officials (including insurance regulators) and health care providers — are aware of their responsibilities, new and old.

The Act maintains current Hyde Amendment restrictions governing abortion policy and extends those restrictions to the newly created health insurance exchanges. Under the Act, longstanding Federal laws to protect conscience (such as the Church Amendment, 42 U.S.C. 300a-7, and the Weldon Amendment, section 508(d)(1) of Public Law 111-8) remain intact and new protections prohibit discrimination against health care facilities and health care providers because of an unwillingness to provide, pay for, provide coverage of, or refer for abortions.

Numerous executive agencies have a role in ensuring that these restrictions are enforced, including the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and the Office of Personnel Management.

Sec. 2. Strict Compliance with Prohibitions on Abortion Funding in Health Insurance Exchanges. The Act specifically prohibits the use of tax credits and cost-sharing reduction payments to pay for abortion services (except in cases of rape or incest, or when the life of the woman would be endangered) in the health insurance exchanges that will be operational in 2014. The Act also imposes strict payment and accounting requirements to ensure that Federal funds are not used for abortion services in exchange plans (except in cases of rape or incest, or when the life of the woman would be endangered) and requires State health insurance commissioners to ensure that exchange plan funds are segregated by insurance companies in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, OMB funds management circulars, and accounting guidance provided by the Government Accountability Office.

I hereby direct the Director of the OMB and the Secretary of HHS to develop, within 180 days of the date of this order, a model set of segregation guidelines for State health insurance commissioners to use when determining whether exchange plans are complying with the Act’s segregation requirements, established in section 1303 of the Act, for enrollees receiving Federal financial assistance. The guidelines shall also offer technical information that States should follow to conduct independent regular audits of insurance companies that participate in the health insurance exchanges. In developing these model guidelines, the Director of the OMB and the Secretary of HHS shall consult with executive agencies and offices that have relevant expertise in accounting principles, including, but not limited to, the Department of the Treasury, and with the Government Accountability Office. Upon completion of those model guidelines, the Secretary of HHS should promptly initiate a rulemaking to issue regulations, which will have the force of law, to interpret the Act’s segregation requirements, and shall provide guidance to State health insurance commissioners on how to comply with the model guidelines.

Sec. 3. Community Health Center Program. The Act establishes a new Community Health Center (CHC) Fund within HHS, which provides additional Federal funds for the community health center program. Existing law prohibits these centers from using Federal funds to provide abortion services (except in cases of rape or incest, or when the life of the woman would be endangered), as a result of both the Hyde Amendment and longstanding regulations containing the Hyde language. Under the Act, the Hyde language shall apply to the authorization and appropriations of funds for Community Health Centers under section 10503 and all other relevant provisions. I hereby direct the Secretary of HHS to ensure that program administrators and recipients of Federal funds are aware of and comply with the limitations on abortion services imposed on CHCs by existing law. Such actions should include, but are not limited to, updating Grant Policy Statements that accompany CHC grants and issuing new interpretive rules.

Sec. 4. General Provisions. (a) Nothing in this order shall be construed to impair or otherwise affect: (i) authority granted by law or Presidential directive to an agency, or the head thereof; or (ii) functions of the Director of the OMB relating to budgetary, administrative, or legislative proposals.

(b) This order shall be implemented consistent with applicable law and subject to the availability of appropriations.

(c) This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees or agents, or any other person.


March 24, 2010.

Our Uninspired U.S. Catholic Bishops

If you ever donated or volunteered at one of the Catholic or other religious affiliated hospitals,  or worked there at lower salary than you might command elsewhere, for the sake of assisting a non profit institution that serves the poor……..  The US Conference of Catholic Bishops doesn’t  think you exist.  You and your service and your generosity are  NOTHING to them, and they collectively appear to  feel that the corrupt, liberal run government, can allocate care so much better.

It’s all right here,  in one of their too little, too late letters which Obama and his lefties are likely  throwing into the dumpster, after using it for personal hygiene,  (recycling being  of paramount importance).

This particular letter states that the issue of providing health care for all  has gone unaddressed in this country.  Unaddressed by all of you who put your time and money toward the effort, or to those who dedicated your careers to this end.  Your efforts go unrecognized as insignificant.   You see,  to our USCCB,  things will only be right when everyone has the same miserably poor care, under government mismanagement, as exists in other socialized countries.   This letter addresses the abortion issue, but utterly ignores the looming death-panel issue of government controlled rationing.    In their left-bent dementia, the bishops  opine that only  the government can manage such an undertaking as health care for all, and until pressure from the Vatican,  and Catholics cutting their funding to the USCCB  set this organization to its impotent letter writing effort,  they were content to support  a complete  economic  takeover by the socialists.

The bishops’  last  half hearted effort to forestall the abortion problem in Obamacare was distributed to parishes, but there was apparently  no mandatory directive for the priests to promote it.   Many churchgoers remain unaware of the effort.

The USCCB has been teaching,  contrary to the Catholic Church, and its authority, that we should allocate our personal, charitable responsibilities to the state.  Allegiance to these misguided bishops  is  a grievous error which will become more apparent as the state proceeds to strip the rest of our freedoms away.

Now is the time to let the U.S. Bishops understand that their leftist, socialist teachings regarding health care and control by the state  are not welcome in our lives.   Reallocate your charitable contributions away from USCCB  interests and  towards the numerous  direct charities, which feed the hungry and provide medical assistance without abortions.  Ask your Pastors and parish leaders to act similarly.    Money talks.   All of us Catholics can increase our efforts  to adhere to Church Teaching.   A transformation of the U.S. Catholic Church is needed.

This can be accomplished  from the grassroots, as  it will be done with respect to  the U.S. government.

Washington, a Pedophile’s Playground

Mother furious after in-school clinic sets up daughter’s abortion.

In Washington  child of any age can consent to an  abortion.  And if she doesn’t tell her family, the initial  procedure is free.

Therefore perverts  can go as young as they  want in this state, and make the girl abort the baby.    Washington, therefore appears to be designed as an absolute playground in the U.S. for guys who want to have sex with little girls.

Find here the age of consent for sex in Washington. Note that it does not jibe with the lack of age limit for consent to abort.

However it seems that if  the  little victim can be taken for  an abortion, the age of consent for sex would not matter very much.

The Coalition of  Positive Sexuality has an information page for perverts  (the fingercot set who are still waiting for the new hotshots condoms) to determine which states to drag their underage  victims  for abortions.   It excitedly lists the states which require no parental consent for this decision to kill their unborn kids.

Bet on this page getting an extra spike of hits from the sickos that the search engines drag in.

Meanwhile, for the normal people left in Washington, how are the homeschool laws,  now that you KNOW your daughter’s school can drag her to the clinic for an abortion without your consent?

Oh, and do remember,  if the abortion is botched,  guess-who covers the cost of the extremely expensive aftermath in the hospital,  whether or not one of the the victims survive.