How Would Obamacare Address This?

Man falls off surgical table; St. Joseph’s Hospital sued |

Now:  Stroke patient  Max DeVries,   is said to have rolled off an operating table and hit his head, prior to a surgery to replace a lumbar drain.   He later died from the injury, and the family is suing St Joseph hospital.   The Velcro straps on the table were insufficient to hold the 5′ 5″, 300 lb De Vries.

Later:  Under Obamacare,  Max DeVries would be denied the surgery, and the three  lumbar drains which preceded this one, due to his obesity, and status of unacceptable risk, and he would  have already been dead  from the swelling in his brain.

A lot of trouble and effort will be spared,  and hopefully  this will be a  comfort for Obama supporters in the future.

» Sherrod Wants BigGovernment Shut Down, Thinks She Should Sue Breitbart – Big Government

» Sherrod Wants BigGovernment Shut Down, Thinks She Should Sue Breitbart – Big Government.

Looks like Sherrod didn’t learn the  lesson about Obama that she should have learned…… after all, it is his administration which booted her from her job, over flimsy evidence of an event that happened 24 years ago.

A lawsuit againt Breitbart will be cheap publicity for their news  site, and allow them to reveal much more about the now useless NAACP which was so quick to throw Sherrod under the bus, even though they had ALL the video.

Did getting run over by Obama-bus cause severe head trauma?

White House forced into U-turn over Shirley Sherrod race row | World news | The Guardian

White House forced into U-turn over Shirley Sherrod race row | World news | The Guardian.

Oops!!!  Another Obama administration Booboo…….. apologies to Shirley Sherrod.   They take it all back now.  Sorry for the misunderstanding.

The NAACP is also falling all over itself apologizing,  and blaming it all on FOX news and the conservatives.

FOX news did not air the story until after Ms. Sherrod was fired  😉  Oopsie!

For amusement, watch Press Secretary Gibbs  trying to handle this debacle, and failing.

What about that ‘Executive Order?’ Abortion in Three States with Federal Money? – U.s. – Catholic Online

What about that ‘Executive Order?’ Abortion in Three States with Federal Money? – U.s. – Catholic Online.

Above is linked a primer to understanding the bogus Obama executive order to stop federal funding of abortion, and the three states which (so far) would have gotten abortion funding under obamacare, until they were caught out.

Cecile Richards, prez of planned parenthood is one unhappy camper now that the Obama administration has stopped the abortion funding to the Pennsylvania, New Mexico, and Maryland PCIPs.    She had been counting on the executive order to be as bogus as written.

The abortion bribe for Kenya remains, at taxpayer expense.  The US continues to export abortion vigorously to the third world.

UNDER THE BUS… Strategems from inside the Sherrod Debacle

Shirley Sherrod was caught up in the race war which the Democrats and Obama administration are setting up against the Tea Party.

Hannity on Fox interviews Andrew Breitbart after the fact. From this we learn:

The video is an old news source from April. Breitbart sat on it until July, and decided to use it because the NAACP will not let go of the false story of teaparty behavior towards Black congressmen in Washington during the anti Obamacare rally.
Breitbart gives no opinion on the firing of Shirley Sherrod, claiming that she is not the real focus of the story which he presented about the NAACP and its racial issues.

Watch till the end as Breitbart reads  a statement by Mary Francis Berry,  discussing the democrat strategem to use accusations of racism to attenuate the influence of the Teaparty movement.

Expect that false accusations against the Tea Partiers will be continue to be vigorously opposed in like manner.

Shirley Sherrod, a person who appeared to have long ago learned a lesson on her own, was caught up in this race war, incited by the democrats, and perhaps has learned a new  lesson.
The Obama administration has its own welfare in mind, not that of Black people, the poor, or anyone else.

Mary Francis Berry was  a  Civil Rights Commissioner of the Clinton and Carter administrations,  and has this to say about the Democrats treatment of the Tea party.

“Tainting the tea party movement with the charge of racism is proving to be an effective strategy for Democrats. There is no evidence that tea party adherents are any more racist than other Republicans, and indeed many other Americans. But getting them to spend their time purging their ranks and having candidates distance themselves should help Democrats win in November. Having one’s opponent rebut charges of racism is far better than discussing joblessness.”

Why did Shirley Sherrod Resign from the USDA? – Video Shows USDA Official Saying She Didn’t Give ‘Full Force’ of Help to White Farmer.

There’s a big firestorm about a video of Shirley Sherrod, Georgia Director of Rural Development, giving a speech at an NAACP meeting, telling of her interaction with a White farmer who needed assistance to avoid losing his land.   This was said to be a very  old incident, her first interaction with a White farmer on the job.  Apparently her perception of his attitude caused her to offer him less than maximum help, and to refer him to one of his own.

A new story has surfaced, claiming that the wife of said farmer had a much different perception of Sherrod’s service, and was upset that she had lost her job.

The main question stemming from this incident is:  “WHY did Sherrod resign?   If she was wrongly accused of discrimination, as later news stories claim,  she should have refused to resign,  and fought dismissal  through the human services department and in court.

Discrimination would be quite hard to prove, in this old case,  if the supposed victims did not have a perception of being discriminated against.

Failures of political correctness have cost the jobs of countless  good workers.   Pharmer suspects that this will continue as long as these workers are willing to run and hide when accused of wrong speech or thought.

Among other possibilities, not mentioned in the news seen by this blogger thus far,   is that the agreement to resign was really a response  to a $$$$ buyout $$$$.

Shirley Sherrod  has a mixed past with the USDA, having sued them successfully for 13 million dollars as part of a minority group called New Communities.   She obtained  a $150,000 portion of that sum.

The video below is Ms. Sherrod’s recounting of being thrown under the bus by the NAACP and the Obama administration 24 years after the controversial episode  in question.

TIME (that emaciated little magazine) finally notices something BIG

Midterm Elections: Democrats Start to Fear Senate Losses – TIME.

QUOTED here:

“Under pressure, the Democrats are cracking. On both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, there is a realization that Nancy Pelosi’s hold on the speakership is in true jeopardy; that losing control of the Senate is not out of the question; and that time, once the Democrats’ best friend, is now their mortal enemy.”

There is little else to say.

D.C. mayoral challenger Alexander says fixing families is key – Washington Times

D.C. mayoral challenger Alexander says fixing families is key – Washington Times.

Meet Leo Alexander, candidate number three in the Washington  D C mayoral election.  He says that  his city has taken on third world demographics and places blame squarely on  the break up of the family.

He decries the war on poverty that created welfare queens, but also opposes the mandatory minimum sentences and three strikes as political agendas.   He is also against the amnesty for illegal immigrants and is pushing a self help solution for Black people.

It would be interesting to hear his thoughts on the federal funding for abortions in Washington DC,  favored  by Dick Durban because the population is preponderantly Black.