Dem Chief of Staff snagged for soliciting sex with underage girl.

NJ Congressman Fires Aide Over Child Sex Solicitation Charges | NBC New York.

NJ Democrat Rep., Steve Rothman fired his chief of staff, Robert Decheine after the latter was arrested for soliciting to have sex with  an underage girl.

Decheine  served as a senior advisor to the Obama campaign in 2008, and previously  as chief of staff to MN democrat Rep., Bill Luther.

A police sting using undercover officers snagged Decheine, and 10 others in a sting using website ads, phone and text messages.

This might be a plus on the aide’s resume if he applies for a job with the TSA.

Appended to the above linked story  are some priceless comments.

IRS screening the non-profit status applicants for political viewpoint

IRS to Jewish group: ‘Does your organization support the existence of the land of Israel?’ – Ben Smith –

Z Street,  a Zionist group claims that the IRS is screening non profit status applicants for views favoring Israel.

IRS agent Tracy Dornette apparently questioned this group in writing:

“Does your organization support the existence if Israel? …. Describe your organization’s religious belief system towards the land of Israel.”

This document came to light in a lawsuit filed by Z Street this past summer.

From the Politico:

Z Street claims it was told that the IRS is “carefully scrutinizing organizations that are in any way connected with Israel” and “a special unit” is determining whether it’s activities “contradict the Administration’s public policies”.

OK, line up, pro-life groups………. you’re next.

Mail Online: TSA inspector side, and how to dodge the groping and scanners.

Now ‘abused’ TSA staff vent their anger at security patdown searches | Mail Online.

TSA inspections are possibly designed to give people a preference or a longing for the scanners, which are more impersonal, and feel less invasive.

It’s appears to be possible to offend the TSA’s trained  gropers if  a person’s personal hygiene is sub standard, or if their  body size is larger and there are additional crevices to be searched.

Perhaps adding some things for these government workers to find as they search would be fun.   Make it a treasure hunt.  Remember the old haunted houses with peeled grapes used to simulate  eyeballs, and spaghetti prepared  to simulate brains?  Imagine the TSA agent reaching into your pants, and pulling  out a special deposit of tripe, purchased from the local Walmart grocery.  Menudo!

Be creative….. and give them a day to remember.  A little Saran wrap against your skin would be a good idea to isolate whatever treasures you might be hiding.  It might also  slightly impede the transmission of unwanted organisms carried by the passenger in front of you.  The gate rapists are not washing and changing gloves between searches as they should.

The article linked at the top, of course from foreign press, is a treasure trove of information.

Matt Kernan describes how he entered the U.S. from Paris without a body scan or pat down at the destination,  merely by politely resisting the attempts by security to do so.  After wearing down the TSA workers, their supervisors and the police, he was finally escorted out of the sterile area by a circuitous route, and allowed to proceed on his way.

Of Course the Media is Going to Distort This

Pope says condoms acceptable ‘in certain cases’ – Yahoo! News.

Pope Benedict made a statement about what exists in reality….. speaking about the use of a condom to reduce the instances of a male prostitute killing  other people with HIV, while still acknowledging the fact that condoms are no solution to that global problem.

Most of the other headlines regarding this statement are much more distorting than the Yahoo news.

To Boldly Grope Where No Hand Has Gone Before

TSA’s  next frontier is the cavity search.  We need to be safe from the anal dwelling bombs.

As people become accustomed to “love pats” at the airport,  the TSA  employees will become bored, and feel a need to explore further.

Surely Janet Napolitano remembers that NASTY  old Eddy Murphy song  from the 80’s………

and you KNOW she wants to go there.     As you can see, asking people to remove their prosthetics,  and that includes you breast cancer survivors,    is not a problem for Janet and her minions.  People living with ostomies are also targets for the TSA gropers.

Janet’s theme song  (warning, it’s sicko)

So,  are we going to wait for CAIR and the Muslims to put a stop to this,   or are we going to make our government really busy until the TSA abandons this unseemly interest in our privates?

Aftermarket Studies Since 1957 Reveal that Propoxyphene is Can be Deleterious to Heart Function

Since 1957 the FDA has been allowing people to turn themselves yellow, (from liver toxicity)  in order to take enough Darvocet (propoxyphene and acetaminophen) to achieve pain relief.

Propoxyphene is the mild narcotic analgesic, 100mg of which is USUALLY  accompanied by 650mg of acetaminophen.  People wanting a little buzz could quickly ruin their liver, by means of acetaminophen overdose.  Frequently physicians were writing orders for Darvocet which could bring a patient to toxic acetaminophen levels, if used at the maximum allowable frequency.

FDA has decided that propoxyphene has sufficient deleterious  effect on the electrical activity and rhythm  of the heart, at therapeutic doses, that it ought to be taken off the market, and that 90 day supply you got from the mail order should be tossed out immediately.  Darvon and Darvocet manufacturer,  Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals of Newport, KY, has voluntarily withdrawn the drug from the market.

Specifically, prolonged PR and QT intervals, and widening of the QRS complex are blamed on propoxyphene at therapeutic doses.  A great number  of other drugs have similar effects, but the issue is whether the mild pain relief from  propoxyphene is worth the trouble.   After 53 years or so of aftermarket testing,  Dr. Janet Woodcock and the FDA say no.

That’s one  SLOW government bureaucracy, giving you one more reminder of the speed of Obamacare delivery.

Committee suspends trial of Maxine Waters’ ethics case, has found new evidence.

Waters accuses Ethics of having weak case after calling off her trial – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room.

In contrast to the convicted  Charlie Rangel,    Waters is planning a vigorous legal defense, using attorneys specialized in ethics matters.

The democrat congresswoman says that her ethics trial is suspended because the case is weak.

Pharmer thinks that Waters “knows where the bodies are buried”.