Abby Johnson: Why Private Insurance Does Not Cover Maternity Costs

Secret Planned Parenthood Memo: Stop Maternity Coverage |

Abby Johnson, who is rapidly becoming  Planned Parenthood’s worst nightmare,  tells us that health  insurance companies are not offering maternity coverage in their private pay policies.  They have told her that this is due to  an OBAMACARE MANDATE.  (The mandate of which they speak is likely an indirect effect of the new costs and regulations put upon the insurance companies by the health care “reform”.   Some insurance companies have ceased offering private policies altogether, due to the added  regulatory costs. )

This problem reminded Ms. Johnson  of one of those historical memos put out by Planned Parenthood, which they did not wish to become  widespread knowledge.

The Jaffe Memo of 1969 gives a list of recommendations made in response to  a government request that Planned Parenthood provide some proposals to deal with “overpopulation”.  You will see words such as “Compulsory” in there,  and this might even bother those who see abortion as a “choice”.

Upon seeing this memo you will understand that many of the programs are fully implemented or well under way.   Take a look HERE.

Please pass the Jaffe Memo around to your associates, to help others understand the Planned Parenthood agenda.

Top Secret: Regions Hospital Closing Abortion Clinic

When four or five abortion supporters gather to protest, the media is there, but events such as Forty Days for Life, an ongoing, National prayer vigil occurring twice yearly flies under the radar.
Here’s one example of repeated large prayer gatherings causing the closing of the abortion clinic within Regions Hospital, in St. Paul Minnesota.
Pro-Life Action Ministries in St Paul had worked for years to have this clinic closed. With the backing of Forty Days for Life, which has brought added numbers to their efforts, finally they have seen success.

Announcements of this closing have made no mention of the many hundreds of people gathered in prayer outside the hospital during the Forty Days for Life campaigns.

Goodbye Barney Frank

Barney Frank not seeking re-election in 2012 –

Democrat Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts is not seeking reelection in 2012.  After “serving”  16 terms and much destruction of the banking and housing industries, as well as Jerry Springer style scandals, we are losing one of America’s leftmost congressmen.

There is a reason to give thanks.

Barney will announce during a press conference  at 1 pm today, says CNN.


Birther Delights: E-Verify Rejects Obama’s Social Security Number

E-Verify ‘flags’ Obama’s Social Security Number.

Employers use E-Verify to determine if a person’s social security matches their other data, and this indicates whether they are presenting fraudulent ID or are illegal aliens, etc.

Linda Jordan decided to plug one of Obama’s social security numbers into E-Verify with his data, and came up with a mismatch.  Whoopsie!  Birther delights!!

Here’s another nugget:  the collection of social security numbers and data associated with Barack and his family, as well as a few others with similar names.

Neil Sankey – Barack Hussein Obama, et al., Addresses & Social Security Numbers –

Gross: Another Coach Fired over Accusations of Child Molestation

Bernie Fine fired by Syracuse amid molestation allegations – ESPN.

This one is Syracuse University assistant basketball Bernie Fine, who has been accused by three different men of sexual abuse.  One accusation features  taped calls with the coach’s wife as corroborating evidence, which were apparently offered to police and ESPN years ago.

The statute of limitations has run out on most of the cases, except for that of the third accuser in Maine, who faces child molestation charges of his own.  This has become a federal case now, and may be the primary impetus for moving the university to fire Fine.

According to the Daily Mail,  the first accuser, Bobby Davis turned over his tapes to the Syracuse police in 2002 and to ESPN in 2003.   ESPN said that they did not do anything with the tapes because there were no other corroborating accusers.  The second accuser is Mike Lang, step-brother of Davis.  24 year old Zach Tomaselli, who has touched off the federal investigation, is the third accuser.

TED Talks: Alexander Tsarias, Imaging Fetal Development

Alexander Tsarias is a self-taught programming specialist who wrote algorithms for the transformation of physiological magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data into visual images.
Below is a video compilation of Tsarias’ project on human fetal development. Get to know your embryo and fetus here. Tsarias himself is a whole picture thinker, and is quite skilled at conveying his work to the layman. Listen up!

Want the book? Amazon has it.

That Conscience Thing

Will Obama Force Coverage of Birth Control, Abortion Drugs? |

Oh YES, Obama is forcing coverage of birth control / abortion drugs, as well as surgical abortions.

We know this from his refusal to sign an amendment excusing conscientious objection to funding and participating in abortion.

There is a fake conscience clause, so narrow as to be useless, excusing some theoretical institutions from covering chemical and surgical abortions.  The Institute of Medicine  has called for Obama to force the coverage of birth control and abortion drugs. The Dept of Health and Human Services, run by Kathleen Sebelius, who never met an abortion she didn’t love, has excluded pro-life groups from her meetings, and has accepted this recommendation to require new insurance plans to cover these drugs.

Archbishop Timothy Dolan has met with Obama, and has either been hypnotized by the rhythmic swaying of Obama’s head back and forth as he reads, or is too afraid of THE ONE to openly tell religious health care providers and employers that they’re screwed.

Pro-life Catholics and other Christians need to understand what the Obama administration has done, and need to consider this in 2012.   It’s time to exercise that CONSCIENCE THING!