Indiana state Rep. Bob Morris Calls Girl Scouts ‘Radicalized’ | Video |

Indiana state Rep. Bob Morris Calls Girl Scouts ‘Radicalized’ | Video |

Bob Morris, Republican State Rep. From Fort Wayne, Indiana has been catching heat for noticing the relationship between Girl Scouts of America and Planned Parenthood. Pharmer would like to acknowledge his valid comments and decision to pull his daughters out of GSA. There are more family friendly alternatives available.

Pharmer’s daughter was not permitted to join, since this relationship between the two organizations has been long standing. It’s a policy endorsed at the top of the organization, as you can see from this video.

Visit HERE, and HERE, and HERE to see what the buzz is all about.

Don’t forget to see what planned parenthood thinks is age appropriate sex education HERE.

Santorum Thinks Obama’s Theology is Bogus

How does Obama, who so fiercely defended the practice of infanticide in Illinois, get a pass for reading from his teleprompters about the practice of communicating with God, and the phony theology of others.

The media is all over Santorum for saying something about Obama’s false religion of ‘climate change’ not being Bible based.

Could it be SAaaaTAAAAAAAAN!???
Pharmer imagines many media figures with heads spinning 360 degrees, as they express pretended shock over Santorum speaking of the time honored concept of personified evil.

Virginia Planned Parenthoods already have been “Raping” women with Ultrasounds

Ultrasounds Already Part of VA Planned Parenthood Abortion Procedure « Alana Goodman at Commentary Magazine.

The latest screeching and howling from the left is that a new Virginia bill requiring abortionists to offer ultrasound data to patients before an abortion, including an opportunity to hear fetal heart tones, involves rape. They’ve been whining about the transvaginal probe which is used routinely in early ultrasounds to locate the position of the fetus.

Pharmer guesses that the abortion supporters are really crying now that the (old) news is out:
Planned Parenthood of Virginia Already includes TWO Ultrasounds, one before and one after each abortion procedure. Guess they have been triple raping women all along, because the cannula and the curette are also inserted vaginally during surgical abortion procedures. Krystal Ball, the Virginia native, abortion expert at MSNBC, appears to have forgotten those little details.

The Virginia bill does not specify which kind of ultrasound is to be chosen. That is up to the doctor. Usually a trans-vaginal ultrasound is chosen for earlier pregnancies, for better visualization. But– repeating again, the new law does not specify which method is to be used.

Click at the top link to see a transcript from Virginia Planned Parenthood’s abortion services hotline message. all about those ultrasounds.

What if Chrissie Matthew’s Daughter had been JFK’s Intern?

At the age of 19, old Mimi Alford served as intern PLUS to John F Kennedy, and also served up herself to some of his aides at his request.
Chris Matthews comments on the character of his “Elusive Hero”, JFK, and just what he would give over to that man, were he to have the “opportunity”. As so often occurs with the lefties, the women and their honor are thrown under the bus.

*found under Lib Loser Stories at The Kick@$$iest Blog.

Obama’s Contraception Cram-down: The Pork Precedent « Public Discourse

Obama’s Contraception Cram-down: The Pork Precedent « Public Discourse.

This analogy between faithfulness to the religious restrictions against eating pork, and that against artificial birth control / abortion / sterilization is particularly apt, because it shows governmental coercion, and management which is closely analogous to the Obama mandate, and his so-called compromise.

Followers of ANY religion, and those concerned with personal liberty would be well served by taking the time to read Michael Stokes Paulsen’s analysis.

Is this for Real? Fatwa on Necrophilia

Fatwa: Necrophilia Is An Acceptable Practice In Islam.

Zamzami Abdelbari, an Imam in Morocco is said to have issued a Fatwa that necrophilia is Halal. The marriage vow is valid even after death. He adds that the it’s OK in both directions, but did not specify how a surviving wife could accomplish this.
According to Morrocco Board News, the Imam has suggested that though it is Halal, necrophilia is disgusting, and is best to be avoided.

Putting First Things First

» Berkeley Man Murdered While Police Monitor #OccupyOakland March – Big Government.

A 67 year old Berkeley resident called into a non emergency line to deal with a trespasser, who has since been identified as Daniel Jorden Dewitt. The officer who offered to respond to the call was told not to go, because the Police effort prioritized to the Occupy Oakland march to UC Berkelely.
Later the victim’s wife heard him calling for help, and dialed 911. His murderer had hit him with a flower pot and dragged him to the bushes. This was deemed high enough priority for a response, but as you know, law enforcement is not really a crime deterrent. They just clean up the mess. The victim, Peter Cucktor was pronounced dead at the hospital.

On the Relationship Between Obama’s Birth Control Mandate and the Budget Disaster

Mark Steyn: Handing out condoms on the Titanic | budget, debt, down – Opinion – The Orange County Register.

Mark Steyn, author and political pundit who reports to us on what the rest of the world is doing, has been sounding the alarm on America’s impending economic armageddon for years.

He notes now the relationship between the three years of failed un-budgets, and the latest idea to further drive us unto insolvency by cutting the U.S. population.

Birth control, chemical abortion, and sterilizations are already ubiquitously available, but the U.S. government sees the need to hand these out free with your money. At the very same time, most of the other industrialized nations have developed pro-natal incentives to encourage people to make more babies. They figured out that one person can’t sustain two or three non-working, elderly or disabled or unemployed people.

Either Obama is too stupid to understand this, or he’s destroying the U.S. economy purposely. Which do you think it is?

Celestial Discharge

Prayers for the family and close friends of Dr. Anant Bhati, who departed to the next life Friday night, 2/17/12.

Fox News story

Cinti Enquirer story.

Dr. Bhati was head of Gynecology at the biggest hospital in Cincinnati, on the board at the next biggest, Coroner of Hamilton County, and quite a bit more. He was one busy guy, hugely respected for his competency and his character. Pharmer has this to say about Dr. Bhati going to God early…… good for him, bad for us.

The American Spectator : The Little Sisters of Limousine Liberalism

The American Spectator : The Little Sisters of Limousine Liberalism.

George Neumayr says Follow the Money, with respect to seeking out the reasons why “Sister Obamacare” Carol Keehan, has supported the Obama shell game, moving financial management of birth control / abortion / sterilization finances to insurance companies, which still includes many self insured Catholic institutions. All of the religiously run institutions will still be paying the cost.

Neumayr notes that being a “Sister of Limousine Liberalism” has its rewards, and gives yearly salaries for a number of individuals who are touting Obamacare, and the birth control/ abortion/ sterilization mandate. Keehan herself pulls down close to a million yearly.

The Catholic Health Association hospitals under her purview also stand to recieve plenty of cash under Obamacare if it is left to continue in its destructive path.