NBC Malpractice Watch

NBC has repeatedly been caught editing video and audio recordings  to convey  false impressions about a person or a bit of news.  The case of George Zimmerman’s 911 call has become famous, and NBC is now  being sued for cutting the audio to make it seem as though though Zimmerman was out  hunting Black kids.

Breitbart and Newbusters have been keeping tabs and if you follow those links, to the left,  you can see fudged news number 7.   You can follow this link to see number 6 of their collection, which creates some fake content in a Joe Biden speech.

Number 7 is cut to convey the false  idea that Pete Sessions thinks the poor are disproportionately comprised of rapists murderers and pedophiles.  They cut and pasted clips from a number of his speaking segments to assemble this bit of anti-news.  Instead, if you hear all of the segments, you will learn that Sessions is pushing  to cut food stamp benefits from those aforementioned convicted criminals,  so that those in actual need of assistance can be prioritized.

For those of you who hate conservatives, your feelings might be derived from listening to too much NBC anti-news.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana: Sex Ed is Cure for Rape?

Indiana is the 16th most populous state of the U.S., with about 6.9 million people.   It’s also a Planned Parenthood stronghold, with 27 of their so-called health centers located in the state.  Across the USA, there are approximately 750 PP facilities, or one per 440,000 people. Indiana has one facility per 256,000 people, or almost twice the national average. Indiana boasts a close relationship between planned parenthood and the Girl Scouts sex education programs encompassing a 12 county region in the south central part of the state.

With the above factual understanding, it is very interesting to see people of planned parenthood of Indiana commenting on the sad story of a 13 year old girl in Madison county, who was sexually assaulted.   On their facebook page, (June 6, 13) the girl’s story from the Indianapolis Star is linked with the comment: “As this article notes, heartbreaking stories like this are all too common in Indiana, which ranks second in the number of teen sexual assaults. Comprehensive sex ed can make a difference in preventing sexual assaults.”

planned parenthood of Indiana
planned parenthood of Indiana

Rebecca Frazer of Live Action News is lit up about the callousness of the PPI for suggesting that their pornographic sex ed programs could possibly prevent child rape and molestation. She reminds us that Live Action exposed  two separate  instances of Indiana planned parenthood employees offering to cover up instances of statutory rape.  Your friendly Pharmer agrees that PPI’s facebook  suggestion is whacked, as well as inappropriate.   It is also patently and demonstrably false.

As noted above,  Planned parenthood has been very strongly present and extremely busy in the state of Indiana, with respect to its sex  industry, oops, “education”  business, abortion business and its huge influence on the political scene in the center of the state.  Planned Parenthood itself notes that Indiana, after all their “efforts” is the number 2 ranking state with respect to teen sexual assaults.  This data suggests that planned parenthood is not curing the problem of teen rape in Indiana, but rather is Exacerbating it! 

What Motivates Obama to Punish the Babies with Inhumane Execution ?

The Memory Dept., Down on the Pharm,  pulls up Obama’s town hall in Johnstown, PA, 3-29-2008,  in which he mentioned not wanting his daughters (then 6 and 9 years old) to be punished with a baby. 

Obama: "I don't want them punished with a baby"
Obama: “I don’t want them punished with a baby”

Why is our abortionist in chief  so hell bent on punishing babies both newborn and preborn, by means of painful execution methods employed by the abortion industry?  Obama’s advisors are telling him to to veto Rep.Trent Franks’  Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which has just been passed (today) in the House.

Life News has provided  today’s  house voting record  (click HERE)  so  you can see how your representative weighed in on this decision.  The new Act bans abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy except in cases of rape, incest and to save a mother’s life, although the latter is actually inapplicable.

Anti Gun Rights Regime Failed to Intimidate 8th Grader.

If Jared Marcum is any indicator, the regime is going to have trouble with the kids.  It seems that they’re not so easily cowed by the anti-gun educational regime.  Last week, Jared was suspended from Logan Middle School, Logan County, WV school and arrested after wearing an NRA T-shirt, with a “protect your rights” logo and a pic of a hunting rifle.  He wore it without incident until he was accosted by a teacher at lunch.  There was apparently a heated verbal argument when Jared refused a request  to remove the shirt or turn it inside out.   Cops were called and Jared was arrested for supposedly disrupting the educational process.

Jared has a court date in July to determine if he has to pay a 500 dollar fine or spend a year in prison.  His ordeal is just one of many suffered by conservative leaning students, who are being persecuted for their ideology by leftie public educators.  Jared is undaunted, however.  He returned to school this week wearing the exact same NRA shirt.  Other students in the county are doing the same as a show of support. They deserve our respect.

There is hope for America.

Does the Church have a Nathan to Stand Up to the Ruling Class?

Pelosi abortion sacred ground
Nancy Pelosi on Trent Frank’s Pain Capable Unborn Child Act. 6-13-13

Crazy Nancy Pelosi has been at it again.  Her latest abominations are  designating abortion and infanticide decisions as sacred ground, and citing her Catholic faith to justify her support of these genocidal practices.  (Watch video HERE.)

The first reading from the Bible at Sunday Mass was 2 Samuel 12:7-10, 13 in which the prophet, Nathan, got in King David’s face about his sinful ingratitude for God’s blessings on him.  David had arranged for the death of one of his generals, Uriah, so that he could take the man’s wife, Bathsheba.

This got your friendly Pharmer thinking about the tremendous vacuum in the leadership of the church regarding the horrid moral performance of our current ruling class.  Nathan was surely risking his head when he addressed King David in this manner”  “Why have you despised the word of the LORD, to do what is evil in his sight? You have smitten Uri’ah the Hittite with the sword, and have taken his wife to be your wife, and have slain him with the sword of the Ammonites.”

Nathan admonishes King David

Is there a Nathan among the church leadership  who is willing  to get up in Pelosi’s face concerning her latest statement about her sacrament of abortion, and using her supposed Catholic background to justify it?  We know that the strong arm of the IRS, with a projected  force of 16,000 new employees, and its AR-15  training program, is daunting.

We do have some courageous pastors, of various denominations, who have directly addressed the transgressions of Nancy Pelosi and  our government, but among the bulk of  Church leadership, the silence has been deafening.

Update:   Fr. Frank Pavone has sent Pelosi a letter  castigating her for referencing her so-called Catholic faith while defending late term abortion  (which, as practiced in the U.S., includes infanticide).

Jeb Bush and the Fertile Immigrants

Your friendly Pharmer has been laughing  at Jeb Bush’s speech, extolling the social virtues of immigrants to the U.S., and citing statistics about the strength of their families and their FERTILITY, but even more amusement is obtained from those who would derive offense from his  artless expression of the facts.

If one compares  the total, natural born population of the U.S. to the total of the the imported population, there is little doubt that his claims about comparative fertility are true.  The U.S. is below replacement rate, and requires immigration to sustain its population.

That liberal idea of abortion on demand has cost us about 55 million Americans, and that does not count the losses due to earlier chemical abortions and artificial fertility reduction.  There is no doubt that those (conservative extremists) who don’t employ surgical and chemical birth control are making more babies.

Jeb Bush is interested in increasing the tax base of America.  He thinks it would be wonderful to have more money to spend, and sees immigration as a means to get it. Pharmer thinks he has a point, but is not seeing the whole picture.  If Jeb were really business minded, and interested in a fast tax base recovery, he’d be thinking of how to trade out the less fertile  leftie voter base, for the more fertile immigrants.  The conservative extremists plus [immigrants (minus criminals and terrorists)] could be amassed into one giant baby-making machine.  😉 😉

The real  problem with the Republican party, and its Jeb Bushes is that they aren’t serious about addressing the social and economic problems of the U.S. in any coherent or rational way.  They’re just casting about for temporary sources of new  income to keep themselves in power.    Jeb Bush doesn’t exhibit sufficient moral leadership to preserve the U.S.A. as a place where immigrants would come to seek freedom, pursue happiness, and build America and themselves up as successful examples  for  the rest of the world to imitate.