Dec 15

Revisiting Leftist Democrat Abuse of Their Female Elder

Obama speechwriter, John Favreau gives us a giant, nauseating dollop of leftist hypocrisy.

Feelie exhibitionist John Favreau says that Trump is gross

Feelie exhibitionist, John Favreau says that Trump is gross

If you’re a leftie like Favreau, you can conduct any kind of disrespectful action towards a woman, have it photographed, and willfully DISPLAY it on your FACEBOOK page. After your employers make you apologize for it, and take it down, you are then absolved of all your transgressions, and may then judge when another person uses a Yiddish word for penis to describe that same woman being defeated, and basically screwed by the party for which she sacrificed all of her own honor and credibility.

Here’s Jon Favreau, Obama speech writer, groping the breast area of a cardboard cut out of Hillary, as celebration of Obama’s victory over her. This pic did survive for a couple hours on Favreau’s Facebook page before he was made to take it down. Perhaps he thinks that Trump was wrong to say that the Democrat party “schlonged” Hillary in 2008. Perhaps they only groped her private places before they threw her into the ditch, and put Obama in the place that had been promised to her.

Obama Chief Speechwriter, Jon Favreau Gropes Cut-out of Hillary Clinton

Obama Chief Speechwriter, Jon Favreau Gropes Cut-out of Hillary Clinton

In leftie-land, it is a lot easier to forgive any abuse or disrespect of women if the perpetrator supports abortion. That gave Bill Clinton a pass for much worse than Jon Favreau’s tacky performance.

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Dec 15

Web DUMPSTER: Merrill Lynch Spins the Joy of Non-Retirement

Your Friendly Pharmer has expected non-retirement for decades.  It was easy to observe that the concept of retirement would end along with the stupid idea of buying houses worth 4 or 5 times the annual income.

Throughout human history, people worked until very close to the time of death. The concept of retirement was an anomaly which has to come to an end.  Get used to it.

Investing with the Merrill Lynch becomes a questionable decision, given their effort to spin the fact that the retirement concept is a mirage for almost everyone, as a matter of choice or personal fulfillment. The so called “career break” corresponds to the time it takes for people to realize that they really could not financially sustain retirement.

Woudn’t it be better if investment advice could come from people who tell the truth?

Merrill Lynch spins  the hard fact that retirement is a mirage.

Merrill Lynch spins the hard fact that retirement is a mirage.


Dec 15

What Was Your Name?

Remember that you can find the good stuff that You Tube censors on VIMEO. Why not get into a habit of going there first to look for what you want? This is a vid of a woman’s grief and recovery from abortion by Joyce Bartholomew.

I Wish I Could Have Known Your Name - Listen on VIMEO

What Was Your Name – Listen on VIMEO

Dec 15

Ted Cruz Christmas Classics Parody Ad

Ted Cruz has timed this parody Christmas Classics Ad to run with Saturday Night Live. Watch it!

Watch Ted Cruz Christmas Classics Ad HERE

Watch Ted Cruz Christmas Classics Ad HERE

Dec 15

NAACP Opposes Arizona Law Which Makes Race Based Abortions Illegal

Now you can be sure of how NAACP got it’s name, National Association for the Abortion of Colored People, from Ryan Bomberger, of the Radiance Foundation.  It is well deserved.  This organization has been promoting abortion for many years, and it has filed suit against the State of Arizona’s which has made aborting babies based on race an illegal act.

Yes, you read that right.  The NAACP is opposed to Arizona’s law protecting babies from being aborted just because they’re Black.  Arizona also has a law protecting babies from being aborted Because they are Female.  The lefties, including the ACLU, opposed that law too.

Wonder of wonders, the Ninth Circuit Court has dismissed the challenge to the law forbidding race based abortions, saying that the National Association for the Abortion of Colored People lacks standing to challenge the law.

Dec 15

Milo Yiannopoulos Really Hates the Pill

Milo Yiannopoulos of Breitbart.com Unloads on the Pill.

This is one of the more interesting points of view regarding the effects of birth control hormones on society.

Dec 15

Guess Who CAIR is Accusing of a HATE Crime in Taxi Shooting

Mohamed Hate-shoots a Muslim

Mohamed Hate-shoots a Muslim

CAIR is now screeching “HATE CRIME” in the wake of the shooting of a Muslim Taxi driver in Pittsburgh.  The leftist media reflexively agrees with the taxi driver’s story that this crime was fueled by total hate of all Muslims.

The only problem is that the suspect in the shooting is named…. Anthony MOHAMED!  Is anyone seeing something wrong with the media narrative in this instance?   Thanks KDKA Pittsburgh, et al for another chance to see the media step on its own tail.



Dec 15

Trump meets Diamond and Silk

“I hope you monetized …..”, Trump said to You Tube sensations, Ms. Hardaway and Ms. Richardson, a.k.a. Diamond and Silk.  One thing you can say for him: Trump is a true American capitalist, spreading the success around.  Listen to the exchange at his Raleigh NC Rally HERE.

Donald Trump meets  Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson

Donald Trump meets Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson