ABC, NBC, CBS Pantsed again

Bozell Column: Our Deficit-Enabling Media |

Read up as the hypocrisy of the big three networks  (all having completed layoffs of  their own workers for financial reasons)  is exposed.

All three are decrying the effort of Sen. Jim Bunning to enforce the recently passed  PAYGO legislation,  which requires that any new spending be offset by eliminating an equal amount of old spending.    He’s held up the latest unemployment spending,   saying that it needs to come out of the old TARP funds in order to be adherent to the new law.

While ABC attacks Bunning, for example, it has just recently fired 400 of its own employees, as a cost cutting measure.  HEARTLESS!  CBS has also cut back just recently, while NBC did its  major chopping of staff  in 2008.