AZ court upholds limits on abortion

AZ court upholds limits on abortion.

Jivin J over at Jill Stanek’s found this news, of an  Arizona appeals court upholding that state’s new abortion limitations.

Nurse practitioners are no longer allowed to do the mifepristone abortions.  Waiting periods remain in place, and pharmacists right of conscience is upheld with respect to other abortive drugs: the morning after pills.

This is a BIG deal, as the criterion of  “undue burden” for women is defined more stringently.  The fact that the law allows some burden on those seeking abortion is not sufficient for the law to be overturned.

*Note:  Mifepristone, RU-486,  is dispensed by the prescriber or his agent, not pharmacists.  However the chemical analog, ulipristal acetate, or Ella, a morning after pill, is able to be dispensed by pharmacists.