Baby boy survives for nearly two days after abortion – Telegraph

Baby boy survives for nearly two days after abortion – Telegraph.

This case of infanticide may cause trouble for the abortionist practicing in Rossano, Italy for two reasons.

The infant survived the procedure, but was left for dead.  He was discovered to be still alive 2o hours later by the hospital chaplain who had visited to pray beside the body.  The chaplain noticed movement, and the baby was subsequently rushed to a neonatal unit in Consenza hospital where he died a day later.

So number one reason that the abortionists have trouble is that they abandoned a living baby to die.

Number two reason is that the estimated age of the baby at induced abortion was not correct.    This kid would not have lived for a whole  day unattended if he  were only 22 weeks along.

So this is  a much later term abortion attempt than was initially represented by the health care practitioners.


Here’s a review of the Italian Abortion Law (194) which proscribes abortions of  fetuses which could potentially survive when separated from the mother, unless her life  is in danger.

Here’s hoping that the Italian health authorities are serious about their proposed investigation of this apparent  late term abortion turned infanticide.