Biased Sociology Classes and How to Avoid Them.

Anna Chapman reports from the University of South Carolina that her Sociology textbook, by Karen K. Kirst-Ashman, is so extremely biased against political conservatives, “so in your face” that “people need to know about it”.  The book is used for the  Introduction to Social Work Profession and Social Welfare class, which is first in line in the USC social work program.

Selections from the textbook, trashing Ronald Reagan with false claims,  and painting conservatives as anti-woman and anti-charity, reveal the author’s divorce from reality.  Ignoring Reagan’s numerous female appointees, including first women ever appointed to the Supreme Court, UN ambassador, and Secretary of Transportation, the book stated that Reagan “ascribed to women primarily domestic functions, and failed to appoint many women to significant positions of power.”  By the way, Reagan’s HHS secretary was also female.

University of South Carolina  is preparing kids for a low paying career in social work by filling them with information that just isn’t true.  This institution and other universities are defrauding their students by 1) telling them lies, and 2) charging outrageous prices, and 3) encouraging huge indebtedness to prepare people for careers with nearly the lowest return on investment for college graduates.

There are ways to protect yourself from high priced brainwashing in Sociology class, if you need to take it to fulfill a general educational requirement.

Some high schools offer early college, and it seems that many community colleges are not as freakishly leftist as larger universities. You can opt to get a sociology requirement out of way using those options, for less tuition cost.
If you are a decent test taker, use this method to fulfill the requirement. Pretend you are a flaming leftist while taking the CLEP test. The evil “Teddy Kennedy” persona got a 98 percentile on the sociology CLEP test that your friendly Pharmer took. CLEP testing is still the cheapest and best option for earning college credit to fulfill general requirements.  Don’t forget to review a glossary or summary of sociology terminology and buzzwords before testing, or skim a textbook if you have a strong stomach. You can guess at the bogus study results and do OK.

These avoidance strategies are a form of boycott, and serve to shrink a detrimental academic industry. Never pay full tuition prices to have your mind filled with Crap.