Minimum Wage Increase Associated with increased Unemployment

Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007  Signed on 5/25//2007

from $5.15 per hr                                           unemployment = 4.4%

to $5.85 per hour on 7/24/07                          unemployment = 4.7%

to $6.55 per hour on 7/24/08                          unemployment = 6.1%

to $7.25 per hour on 7/24/09                          unemployment = 9.5%

As of 2008, 13 states already had minimum wage rates at or above $7.25 per hour.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops have not noticed this correlation of minimum wage increases with increased unemployment, as they claim that increasing the minimum wage does not affect employment rate.  They have persistently lobbied for minimum wage increases, as well as amnesty for illegal immigrants. Their argument in this area actually shifts the question to the state of the economy and so-called job creation, without mentioning job losses and outsourcing.

Options for Patients Who are Dodging Obamacare

A website called has useful info for people who wish to avoid signing up for Obamacare.   There are a number of other options for covering health care expenses, including health care sharing ministries.  Some people who are serious about avoiding plans that cover abortion choose those options. There are four or five of these, with most open to practicing Christians, and one which is open to anyone who agrees with their commitment to religious liberty.

Visit the website to learn of more options for self pay and catastrophic coverage, which can save a person from bankruptcy, should disaster arise.  Pharmer is keeping a link on the sidebar, as a public service.

The Top 40% Pay 106% of Taxes

Rush Limbaugh has announced another “random act of journalism” coming from CNBC.

The Congressional Budget office found from the 2010 census that the top 40 percent of wage earners paid 106 percent of income taxes.  The bottom 40 percent of wage earners contributed NEGATIVE 9 percent.  In other words they got federal money that they didn’t earn, which comes from those of us who fund this debacle of a government.

Find the data in table 3 on page 13 of the CBO Report.

Should the leftie media be apologizing to Mitt Romney for his comment about 47 percent of people who are on the take???  Should he sue them, redistribute their wealth, and feed some starving  lawyers?    Pharmer grants an  exceptional line to CNBC  because of the priceless headline : “The rich do not pay the most taxes, they pay ALL the taxes.”

The Alinsky-ites have been hard at work training  people to hate the rich for this, and so far they’ve been pretty effective.


Man Waits 14 Months for Sears to Finish Dishwasher Installation – Dishwashers

This story has two main points:

Man Waits 14 Months for Sears to Finish Dishwasher Installation – Dishwashers.

1)Sears service has really gone down the tubes since the K Mart bought them. This is why Eddie Brayman, of Monteca, California washed his dishes by hand for 14 months, while waiting for 12 technicians fail in completing his dishwasher installation. They neglected to attach it to his cabinet.

2) Evidenced by the long wait, and Brayman taking this problem to CBS13 news in Sacramento, is that this guy did not feel competent to screw the dishwasher into the cabinet himself. That’s what would happen down on the Pharm, where the denizens (most particularly the man of the house) have installed all sorts of appliances.

It might be a sign of the times in California, and one cause of their economic problems. People there have become so “specialized” that mounting a dishwasher into a wood frame or cabinet walls has morphed into a task that takes longer than building a house does, elsewhere in the country.


Price of Delaying the Keystone Pipeline

The Human Cost of Delaying the Keystone Pipeline.  <-click

Chris W. Street returns focus to Obama’s stonewalling on the Keystone pipeline.

Another Canadian train derailment on October 20 made an inferno of 13 railroad tanker cars filled with propane and crude oil.

This follows the train derailment, 3 months ago in Quebec, which took 47 lives and left a disastrous mess.

Railroads are carrying the vast majority of oil out of the booming North Dakota.  Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway is enjoying the profits from North Dakota’s Oil transport  from the U.S. all the way to refineries in Nova Scotia.   Is there a policy connection?

Environmental impact and human lives seem not to be a government priority.

Embracing post-fertilisation methods of family planning: Flushable Women

Embracing post-fertilisation methods of family planning: a call to action — Raymond et al. 39 4: 244 — Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care.

Elizabeth G Raymond of Gynuity Health Projects, and her colleagues suggest flushing women chemically every time they think they might be pregnant.  They even suggest the possibility of flushing women once per month  to be sure that no undesirable embryos are clinging to life in their reproductive tracts.  This type of chemical birth control is touted as possibly  preferable to the forms which have been designed largely to reduce the possibility of fertilization.

The group calls for more research targeting drugs which kill early human embryos.   It’s getting to be a brave new world, with flushable women to fulfill the sexual desires of guys who do not care about them.  Perhaps our overseers think that bringing this new class of drugs to market could enhance the financial position of the new class of part time female, service providers springing up in this economic “recovery”.

Obama “Recovery” Hurts More than Bush Recession

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the inflation adjusted REAL median annual household income has fallen twice as much during the “recovery” (between 6/2009 and 6/2013) as it did during the preceding recession.

That horrible economic plunge, at the end of the Bush term coused a 1.8% decrease in household income, falling $1002 from $55480 to $54478.  During the period which Obama’s media has labeled a “recovery” the median income fell 4.4%, or $2380, from $54478 to $52098.

The last four years of Obama has seen average  household income drop almost $2400  per year. expressed in 2013 dollars.  A lot of this decrease is due to the conversion of full time jobs to part time jobs.  Has this happened to you, or anyone that you know?

You have been hearing the Obama media call this decrease in Americans’ average income a Recovery.   Do you agree with this term?    Would the media have labeled such a Decrease as a Recovery if it happened during any other president’s watch?

Do you think that Obama’s decision to put off the Keystone pipeline for another year is encouraging an actual economic recovery?  Do you think his decision to stop the construction of coal fired power plants is encouraging economic recovery?  Do you think the spectre of paying for higher priced health insurance has encouraged companies to hire more people, or do you think it might be the reason that more jobs are now part time?

Do you think that any other president would have been held more responsible for the negative economic consequences of his policies?   Does Obama get a pass because the media does not expect as much from him as they have  from other presidents?

Just Another Obamacare FAIL – Quietly Trotted Out in Summertime

Yet Another White House Obamacare Delay: Out-Of-Pocket Caps Waived Until 2015 – Forbes.

Obamacare was designed to fail, in order to crash the health care industry, and usher in total government control of your access to medical care.

It was decided that costs could be driven up for more individuals by delaying the caps on out of pocket expenses such as co-pays and deductibles.

One of the “attractions” of Obamacare is that these expenses would be reduced.  This necessarily would drive insurance costs through the roof, and either cause people to go without the plans, or move to government plans.   Unfortunately this is going to leave too many people very dissatisfied before the government controlled plans are designed.  So now Obama has delayed the caps until 2015….. AFTER THE ELECTION, the same as the delay on the employer insurance mandates.

More destructive disasters are being hidden until after 2014.

The Forbes people, neo-leftists that they are, have pre-assigned blame for shutting down the government over Obamacare to the Republicans.   Unfortunately,  the Republicans lack the cojones to fund all the rest of government programs, leaving out only Obamacare enforcement funding.  They’re too afraid that they would be held to account when the DEMOCRATS shut down the government.

Pharmer thinks that since the Republican party is already moribund, it should make the decision to go out with a bang.   Congress should defund Obamacare.

Obama: Top Tax Rate Should Be 28% for Corporations, 40% for Small Business | The Weekly Standard

Obama: Top Tax Rate Should Be 28% for Corporations, 40% for Small Business | The Weekly Standard.

After Obama raised the top individual tax rate (the rate for many small businesses) to 39.6 percent, he is now proposing to lower the top corporate tax rate to 28 percent, and 25 percent for manufacturers.

This latest policy announcement, plus Obamacare places the current inhabitant of the Whitehouse at the top of the heap as a crony capitalist and  a killer of small business and the American Dream.