Gun Owner Story Could Crimp Christie’s Political Career

A gun owner located in New Jersey announced that the Second Amendment Fight has come to his front door.  Posting at the Delaware Open Carry forum, Shawn Moore told his compatriots that an online  pic of his son holding an AR-15 had brought the cops and the New Jersey Department of Youth and Family Services to his door.

It turns out that the cops  never saw the actual Facebook  pic, but had come to his house to get into his gun safe without a warrant, based on hearsay alone.

The Blaze is carrying this story also, with the pic the gun toting kid, and the cops from the Carney’s Point Police Department, who visited wearing their tactical gear.

By the way, that boy has more credentials for toting an ar-15 than most adults.  He has passed the state firearms safety test, and his father is a certified NRA Firearms instructor.

The police and the DYFS representatives have been very reluctant to give commentary or their identities in relation to this case.  Acting Police Chief Robert De Gregorio is not talking to The Blaze reporters.  Likewise, the DYFS officials are refusing to be interviewed, or give their names, though they apparently still want to see the contents of Mr. Moore’s gun safe.  It appears that they understand that they might on shaky legal ground even in the socialist state of New Jersey.  The DYFS investigator would not even give her name or credentials to Shawn Moore when she was at his home.  A person who can’t remember her name should be under supervised care.  This could also apply to Lynette, at the DYFS office, who perhaps could not recall the spelling of her surname.

If the harassment of this legal gun owner, and his family continues, it should be useful in stopping the republican political support of Governor Chris Christie, who is no kind of gun rights sympathizer.