Humanity: 180 Degrees Out of Phase

Lose your Cookies?
Klan Abort uses an apparently deranged, Mehcad Brooks,to pose as the spouse of abortion, and the step-daddy of millions of dead babies. Brooks just can’t get enough of playing the bad guy, but in his later years, as he looks back on an ocean of blood, he might regret his fling with the center for reproductive wrongs. We’re noticing that he doesn’t really have much to say in this vid. He’s slower than Obama without a teleprompter.

Note, the original publisher pulled this video, but it was rescued. Look for Youtube to be rooting it out because the Center for Reproductive Wrongs will ask them to erase this gaffe from the net memory.

UPDATE!!!  Pharmer was expecting a reply from Afonzo Rachel, and here it is!  Dr. Zo’s Spoof Video.
Now…. Get Your Appetite Back……
One woman’s Extreme Generosity is the seed for a chain of giving.

I Like Car. | I Like Giving.  <–Cruise the whole site after the video below.

I Like Car from on Vimeo.


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