Income Inequality Grows Under Obama

The stock market has doubled in dollar value under Obama, with about 80 percent of that going to the top 10% of  income earners.  While Obama drones on about solving income inequality by stoking class envy against business owners, his cronies at the very top 1%  are raking in the dough. Last year they garnered another half trillion dollars, while the median income of American families dropped.  From 2009 to 2012, the top 1%of income earners snagged 95% of the total income gains.

Click HERE to watch the video and learn more.  Obama’s state of the union address, dealing with his desire to “fix” income inequality will seem all the more ridiculous after you see this.

Click SooperMexican explains that the expansion of income inequality seems to be a trend that occurs mainly under Democrat leadership in the White house.


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