Little girls growing up fast —

It’s just a normal part of a pre-adolescent’s life I guess. One day it’s barbie dolls and the next day it’s boinking and abortions

” Ann Furedi, chief executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service abortion business said people like Knight need to “stop being shocked” by the fact that pre-teen girls have sex and abortions.”

So take a look at a few UK abortion statistics: most specifically the abortions on 12 year old girls.

If a girl is below the age of consent for sex, then what about the age of consent for killing her kid before birth?
Be sure to check out the parental notification laws concerning abortion in your own locality. The disparity between that, and the inability to take Tylenol for a headache at school is eye opening.

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  1. I guess it wouldn't make any difference to you to point out that there's no connection between the concepts you're trying to connect, would it?

  2. A person who spent life in such a place as the Fritzl basement, perhaps wouldn't see a connection.The television isn't much education.

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