Media, in need of distractions, “Tigers” the Flight Attendant

The real news is unpleasant, constantly revising the GDP downward, the debt upward, the unemployment upward. Afghanistan is not going well, and the Vietnam story will be rewound, with US abandoning our allies to be killed by the Taliban.

Formerly, the media used to fill the summer news doldrums with lifestyle and religion/ethics stories. The religion/ethics subject has dropped off to avoid highlighting that Obama lefties have none outside of statism.

So we’re left with only the distraction of lifestyle news. That’s so dead, because nothing shocks anymore. The Sherrod story had to be suddenly killed because it revealed the fraud of Obama and company’s bill to allow payments to 86,000 black farmers (with the census revealing that less than 40,000 actually exist in the U.S.)

It’s Soooo bad that the media had to TIGER that JetBlue flight attendant, Steve Slater. This guy apparently was hit in the head, and was in no mood to deal with the passengers, who noticed a large gash on his forehead but still needed his immediate attention to their needs. He threw a tantrum, exited the plane in grand fashion, then was turned into a major celebrity by the media. According to the Tiger cycle, the media builds a celebrity by ignoring/hiding his faults, then tears him down later by revealing them. It generates material for those too lazy or unwilling to report on more significant matters.

In the bad news milieu of this summer of no recovery, the lamestreamers had to fast forward the Tiger process on Steve Slater.