Meet the AILC- American Islamic Leadership Conference

American Islamic Group Supports Oklahoma Ban on Foreign Laws Like Sharia | Video |

The AILC is pretty much the American Muslim answer to CAIR.   This group is supporting bills  (for example in Oklahoma and Michigan) which would serve to prevent the use of Sharia law within the U.S.    It favors the equal treatment of all religions, with no one’s particular religious  laws used to supercede American law.

Another group, the  Alliance of Iranian Women reminds us that many Muslim women fled their home countries to escape the ravages of Sharia law.

This is a reminder that CAIR   does not represent the majority views of American Muslims.

On the far opposite side of the supporters of Sharia law, Wafa Sultan states that the true practice of Islam is incompatible with Western law.  She sees Islam as including a political system which is in direct conflict with US law.




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