Mr. Houben is NOT a Vegetable

Here’s a reminder of our extreme limitations in determining whether a human life is worth living. We are simply NOT good at it, and should stay out of the business.

Rom Houben has lived 23 years of his life trapped inside his body, unable to communicate, yet fully conscious.  He was unable to convey his condition to the physicians, and only recently with new technology was it determine that he was not in a persistent vegetative state.

This man is still quite limited, though now able to communicate with other via computer, and able to read books.  Mr Houben apparently has NO intention nor desire to die soon.  He considers himself to have been reborn, with the discovery that he is conscious.

Would such a man, with his huge will to live, survive the coming death panels which will necessarily accompany government dictated health care  inefficiencies, and reactive “cost containment”??

Pic of Mr Houben from the Daily Mail, which is linked above.

Update 6-10-10
The docs don’t take it all back, but they do retract the claims  about facilitated communication.
Apparently they tested the the methodology of Houben’s communication assisted by his therapist, typing on a computer, and found failure. That Houben is not a vegetable remains supported by the brain studies, but his ability to communicate is not as earlier stated.