Obama’s SEIU Goons Drop Health Coverage for Kids of Low Income Members in New York

1199SEIU to Drop Health Coverage for Workers’ Children – Metropolis – WSJ.

It’s difficult to pay for getting Obama elected, pay for thugs to beat up Teapartiers,  and bus paid demonstraters to rallies across the country.  Those necessary things tend to drain a union budget.

Something had to go………..

Health care for the kids of thirty thousand low wage home attendants HAD TO GO!

First things First.

Also,  SEIU has two retirement funds, one for the big shots, and one for the rank and file workers.

You KNOW which one is declared by the government to be in critically insolvent condition. …………    Of COURSE!  The Worker’s Fund.

See what a GOOD JOB other Unions have been doing for their workers retirements, while blowing money on their favorite special interests and politicians.