On the Pill? Your Partner Might Not be Smelling the Real You

The Tricky Chemistry of Attraction – WSJ.com.

WSJ presents a body of research suggesting that the use of hormonal birth control has affected mate selection in both directions.  Two main factors are possibly  altered.  The natural propensity to select (by smell) more genetically and immunologically different partners is  attenuated by the pill.   Animal studies indicate that signals of female genetic health are possibly attenuated  (and not picked up by males)  in those taking long term progestin birth control.

Females on the pill tend to select more metrosexual men as partners, then tend to feel attractions to OTHER men when they go off the pill and ovulate.    Those not on the pill tend to choose more masculine men as partners, and are less inclined to show an attraction to other men while ovulating.

Bottom line………from data thus far, the use of hormonal contraception  is possibly wussifying humanity, and producing a sort of devolution to a species less genetically diverse and immunologically resilient, by altering the natural chemical bases of attraction.