Outing the Infanticide

It could finally be possible to force the media to acknowledge that Obama is an infanticidal nutcase.


Pharmer harkens back to Memorial Day weekend of 2011, when New York Congressman (D),  Anthony Wiener,  was outed in the conservative blogosphere for showing too much of himself online to very young ladies.   The lamestream media tried its very best to stuff this  revelation back into obscurity, but it was too nasty, hilarious, titillating, or otherwise entertaining to too many people.  The online tsunami of information overcame the leftie press, and the disgraced  Representative Weiner was forced to resign his position.

It could be possible with the juxtaposition of Abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s trial for multiple  infanticides, the memories of Obama vigorously opposing the Born Alive Infants Protection Act of Illinois, and the latest OUTING of Planned Parenthood’s infanticidal agenda, to finally make the low information voters understand that Obama and his pro-abort supporters are off the wall extremists.

Remember what the lefties did to Sarah Palin for refusing to kill her fifth kid, Trig, because he had a prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome?  They’re still at it.

Remember what the Dems did to Todd Akin, because he thought that the stress of a violent rape makes a woman infertile?  Recall what they did to Richard Mourdock for suggesting that a new life coming out of the miserable crime of rape could be God’s will?   Who would try to tell Ryan Bomberger, Rebecca Kiessling, and the rest of these people, who were conceived as a result of rape, that they should be killed?  The media, using false pretexts,  beat up two legitimately good political candidates so badly that their own cowardly party disowned them.

Don’t you think it’s time to return the favor to the abortion supporters, and their left wing media, whose war on women has killed  millions? 

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Let everyone know that Obama and Planned Parenthood are not going to stop with Abortion.  They are out of the closet for infanticide.  

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