Paul Campos: A Failure To Appreciate Diversity

BODY Diversity that is.   Diversity is exalted in all its forms, except for what the liberals think is bad.   Paul Campos expressed this in an Opinion Worth Reading, addressing the Strong4Life  anti-fat, ad campaign.  He cleverly  ties this effort and  the attitude behind  Michelle Obama’s failing anti-obesity campaign together.

Leftists have their favorite religions which should be protected, and their un-favorites (Christianity).  They exalt the behavioral diversity of homosexual activity, and sometimes even incest (Professor  David Epstein), and pedophilia (ACLU/NAMBLA), if the mood is right.  Diverse responses to the very young  (ranging from killing them to lavish prenatal and perinatal care) are celebrated and funded with your tax dollars.  Poverty is celebrated, and sustained with government subsistence income.  If the leftists  can squeeze votes by celebrating diversity, it will be done.  They have wrung every vote possible from their sham “support” of racial minorities.

One  can plainly see which groups don’t bring votes to the Democrats.  They have given up on White Working People, and Pharmer thinks they have perhaps  bailed on Fat People too.

Perhaps we can be glad if the Obama administration is managing  to alienate some more voters with Michelles  ineffective anti-obesity  campaign,  meant to make Fat People more aware of something that is already brought to their attention multiple times daily. What they won’t be offering is an effective means to curb the unhealthy eating habits of Americans.  Leftists  will continue to be inconsistent in their supposed aims to foster health and longevity:  smoking = bad,  fast food=bad, sedentary lifestyle=bad, multiple sex partners=good, using the ‘rear exit’ for sex=good.

Families will have to keep both parents working at multiple jobs to pay the taxes and the bills, (and alimony and lawyers if they’re divorced).  They’ll be pressured to run their kids to various athletic events, or keep them inside, because they’re too scared of criminals and perverts to let the kids roam the outdoors.  They’ll continue to catch fast food on the fly, rather than cook  real food at home.  We see just one more example of the government wasting your tax dollars on a problem that is largely generated by their policies.

Incidentally,  Strong for Life is a program of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  The media and this organization are NOT trumpeting the (federal)  sources of funding.

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