Planned Parenthood abortion clinics assist sexual predators

Planned Parenthood abortion clinics provide protection for child molesters, sexual predators.

Mark Crutcher has released all of his Planned Parenthood Sting Tapes in one place. Click above.

Pharmer has linked up portions of these on several occasions, but this is the BIG collection.

Life Dynamics did with audio (in a big way) what Live Action did with video.

You can hear it all at the link.  An actress portrays a 13 year old,  statutorily raped by an older guy and pregnant.  She got   anything EXCEPT  the proper advice and care from the abortion clinics she called.

Mark Crutcher told Jill Stanek that he called Planned Parenthood every name in the book, but couldn’t get them to sue for slander or libel.   Too much could be unearthed during the discovery process.

Pharmer thinks that Planned Parenthood won’t be so eager to go to court for awhile,  and will lay low,  for the reason that so much damaging stuff is now available to the public.

Some lefties might even  be smart enough not to accept planned parenthood’s campaign funding.