Russian Lawmakers Planning Major Abortion Restrictions

Russian Lawmakers Prepare For Major Crackdown on Abortion | The Blaze.

Russia suffers from a  depopulation crisis stemming from  low people productivity:  1.4 children per couple is the current fertility rate.

In the past it has had the highest abortion rate in the world, relying on that method as a primary means of birth control.

Russia reports a declining abortion rate from 169 per 100 births in 2000 down to 74 per 100 births in 2009, though these figures most likely omit private abortions, and losses due to use of the morning after pill

Proposed new laws  would require parental and spousal permissions,  introduce a waiting period, and make the morning after pill a prescription only drug.  Free abortions at the government clinics would also be banned.

The abortion restrictions have strong backing from the Russian Orthodox Church.