Sandy Hook Killer, Adam Lanza Kept Score Sheet for Massacres

It won’t help the progress of the government in making the ownership of guns illegal in the U.S…… so this story will not be plastered everywhere by the media.  It’s a surprise that the NY Daily News published it at all.

Adam Lanza had a seven foot by four foot  spreadsheet showing the various mass killings in the U.S., with the number of kills and various details about locations, weapons,  environments, etc.

This report, in 9 point font,  required a special printer to produce, and contained the names of about 500 people.

The Connecticut police seem to view this as a sort of score sheet, and believe that Adam Lanza wanted to place himself at the top of that list, and that he picked the Sandy Hook Elementary school as an easy, target rich environment.

Suicide after the shooting was seen as the gamer’s way to avoid being killed by police, and losing all his points.