Very Late Term Abortions Have Been Suggested for Bioethicists Minerva and Giubilini

A bit of a media uproar was generated by Alberto Giubilini Francesca Minerva who were published in the Journal of Medical Ethics. These two were former associates of the Journal’s Editor, Julian Savulescu, who seems a bit disturbed by the backlash. It seems that some people have written to these two large masses of unproductive tissue that they might be eligible for very late term abortions.

While your friendly  Pharmer  desires to avoid killing any humans, she is not surprised that the same slippery slope of habitual and gratuitous killing that is now justifying infanticide, would be extended a little further to include bioethicists. After all, that group certainly has less  claim than infants do in the area of productivity and value to society.  While newborns don’t do too much, they  seem to bring a sense of hope and joy  to many casual observers.  The same is not true for these bioethicists.

“Infanticidal Lefties!” We Told You So

After-birth abortion: why should the baby live? — Giubilini and Minerva — Journal of Medical Ethics.

After about 40 years of hearing that the pro-lifers’ slippery slope arguments against abortion and euthanasia were not valid, or a departure from reality, Pharmer takes this opportunity to say We TOLD you so!.

As if this is news, the internet has taken up the above example, authored by “bioethicists” (qualified to be on Obama’s health advisory team) that infanticide of any newborn is OK, if the baby is considered inconvenient to the lifestyle of the parents.

Wesley Smith is giving the same article one more go around at Second Hand Smoke. Even he seems tired of writing about them.

What seems to be a shock in the media is just old news to pro-lifers, who knew our leftist, ideological opponents, and realized their nature from the beginning. Killing and slavery is still their thing. They have not evolved to anything higher throughout the centuries.

The question is whether those of us without this appetite for destruction are going to continue to fund the plans of these people to kill and enslave us.

Are you attending to your boycotting? Are you paying attention to the “service” projects that your kids are doing in school? Are you directing your charitable efforts towards groups aligned with your ethical beliefs?