Unsigned NYT Editorial Wanders from Birth Control to Sonograms

Birth Control and Reproductive Rights – NYTimes.com.

Some anonymous leftie at the New York Times praises Obama’s decision to trample on the human rights of religiously affiliated health care employers.   The article wanders from this to weeping about those who oppose being made to pay for the recreational drugs and abortions desired by others.

Yes, birth control pills, when used for that purpose are recreational drugs,  and almost all abortions are recreational procedures.   They are optional, and support the  pursuit of  sex  as a mini-vacation, purely for the fun of it.

This short editorial covers a lot of territory, moving next to  the  Texas rule  mandating sonograms before abortions  (allowing detection of ectopic pregnancies, and permitting more safety for the woman.)  This regulation  does not mandate that a woman be shown her sonogram, but does require  that  basic information be offered to her  in order to support  informed consent for the abortion procedure.

It is vastly amusing to see a leftist decrying “intrusion into the doctor patient relationship”.  Medicare, medicaid and thousands of health care regulations are all about government standing between the patient and the physician.  The vast majority of this intrusion has been at the behest of the leftists.   One measure to provide for patient safety and informed consent  with respect to abortion causes these same people to go ballistic.

Deroy Murdock Chronicles the Leftist Propensity Towards Violence

Death Threats by the Dozens in Wisconsin – Deroy Murdock – National Review Online.

In the National Review Deroy Murdock has compiled  a sampling of the death threats and unsavory behavior of the leftist Union supporters in Wisconsin.

Attention is called to it here because the Leftist media will not speak out against its own people, in the same way that Attorney General Eric Holder would not prosecute  his own people for crimes committed.

There is not even a pretense of respect for the rule of law under the Obama administration.  We have become a banana republic.


Don’t Be Dating those Gawker Boys…. They Kiss and Tell

It might be interesting to listen to the town gossip, but you’d think twice before going out with  him, right???

An anonymous guy– paid four figures for his effort by the Gawker boys, tells all about his date with Christine O’Donnell.  Perhaps he would have gotten more money if there was much to tell about his single night experience.  Sleeper is the word for this story.

More interesting is that Smoking gun crew expended some effort to out the little wuss who kisses and tells for pay. Read up on their efforts if you want to know which guy shouldn’t have a date for the rest of his life.


NOW  feminazi  Mai Shiozaki said  their organization would  pass on this most recent trashing of a lady by the left.  It’s OK to abuse right wing women, who  are considered non-persons.  Later,  NOW realized that their deathwish for conservative ladies  was becoming too transparent.  They  issued a weak statement that “this kind of an attack is an affront to all women”, and reiterated their undying support for Chris Coons, and his formerly bearded marxism.

The NOW grrls  still dream of a strong man who will take their money, tell them what to do, what to eat, which car to drive, and to abort their disabled kids.