Mar 13

Pro-life Grandmother assaulted at Delaware Planned Parenthood



prolife protestor attacked at Delaware planned parenthood

Rae Stabosz reports having her phone taken from her, and being pushed to the ground by an angry woman, while she was protesting in front of Planned Parenthood’s  Wilmington Delaware Clinic, (625 Shipley St.)

She had been filming  the fourth emergency transport of a patient from that facility within the last five weeks, tallied by Operation Rescue.  It seems that the clinic has been having a run of bad luck, though they serve as a training site for budding new abortionists.

Ms. Stabosz, a 63 year old grandmother of 12, reports that she was able to get back up, after being knocked down, go into the clinic and retrieve her phone from the receptionist.

Video of the event and more info is available here. 

Jun 12

Getting to Know Planned Parenthood through its founder


Hat tip to Tamminator at Hillbuzz who tells us that planned unparenthood has gotten itself into a Los Angeles high school, where it can pollute the kids, dispense birth control, and refer for abortions, all without parental intervention. Planned unparenthood can employ its trademark chemical and abortive methods for regulating the population of the mostly Latino student body of Roosevelt High School from within the facility.