Human Feces Used as Fertilizer Has Neighbors Fuming | NBC 10 Philadelphia

Human Feces Used as Fertilizer Has Neighbors Fuming | NBC 10 Philadelphia.

Pharmer thinks that these people have never heard of septic tanks and leaching beds, and is highly amused.

The “controversy” linked above has to do with Pennsylvania  farms using granulite, which is fertilizer made from sewage.  It contains processed human waste.  Shame to waste!

Wiki leach beds!   Be afraid, be very afraid.

The Grass is Always Greener Over The Septic Tank.  < — a classic

Chicago Carbon Exchange is converted to FERTILIZER

On Oct 21, 2010, the Chicago Carbon Exchange, powered by Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management, and Goldman Sachs  EXPIRED. The bogus commodity of Carbon Credits dropped to near zero value, and in the shadow of the Tea Party Tsunami-style election sweep,  the Carbon exchange went belly up.      Cap and Trade legislation (which would have made carbon trading mandatory) is off the table, and without this fuel the  Exchange could not survive.

The Chicago Carbon exchange was started up with grants from the Joyce Foundation,  whose board has included such luminaries as Valery Jarrett and Barack Hussein Obama (’94-’02).  Yes, Barack was on the board when the grants were issued.

In a nutshell,   a government means to feed all its rich buddies, using money stolen from the little people who consume energy, has curled up and Died.   (All costs to corporations are passed on to the consumer.  This is the nuts and bolts economics knowledge which should cause any normal person to understand that “sticking it to the big companies” is eventually harmful to themselves).

Perhaps someone can illuminate the current  position of Al Gore and Goldman Sachs,  who have been  primary  participants in the Carbon Exchange Scam.

Knowing that the Obama Administration is filled with former Goldman Sachs people, one wonders what will become of that company, which has accepted public flagellation for private rewards.

In May, 2010, a Atlanta based  company called Intercontinental Exchange had bought the Chicago Carbon Exchange,  (by buying its parent company, Climate Exchange PLc).  The latter company has since  been chopped up into component parts.

Here’s the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute trying to see the crashing of the Chicago Carbon Exchange in a positive light for the purchaser.