Why Do Prolifers Focus On Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood: Roe Dying, Sex-Selection Abortions OK | LifeNews.com.

“The Sky is falling on Roe v Wade”, says Casey Martin, director of Southern Finger Lakes region.

The above article ponders why is planned parenthood the main target of pro-life legal and political efforts. Is it just because it’s the largest U.S. chain of abortion mills? Pro-lifers cite the abortion provider’s attacks on them, claiming that they want to control the sexuality of poor people, etcetera.

What the above article missed is the Main Attack Planned Parenthood has launched on those who choose not to kill. For decades they have pursued a political program to force us to participate in their killing agenda. Planned parenthood has worked tirelessly to force us to pay for it with taxes, force us cover it with health insurance, and force health care professionals to participate in it. They have persistently opposed health care professionals’ right NOT to kill humans. They have lobbied tirelessly to include abortion as an obligate part of health care, tied to medicare and medicaid funding. They are behind the Obama-Sebelius actions against states who wish to defund planned parenthood. Obama has tied the care of the sick and the elderly to the provision of abortion services with tax payer dollars.

This is why Planned Parenthood has been and remains a main target of pro-life political action.

Indiana State Legislation Aims to Protect Conscientious Heath Care Workers

Introduced Version, House Bill 1228.

Click above to read House Bill 1228 in its entirety. This constitutes an effort to protect the health care workers who wish not to participate in abortion.

All citizens should be interested in this bill because it also protects the CHOICE of a woman to not get an abortion.

Once Obama-care sets in, there will be considerable coercive forces for a woman to abort in the case of untoward fetal diagnosis and various other economic reasons.

Freedom of choice for health care professionals is a line of protection for the freedom of choice by patients.

Even people who wish for abortion to be available, but not COERCED should be supporting the right of health care professionals to opt out.

No, This is Not Beneath Alan Colmes

Lowry Calls Out Alan Colmes for Mocking Death of Santorum’s Baby | Video | TheBlaze.com.

Nothing is beneath him.  Alan Colmes is probably suffering from some PSTD due to severe abuse in childhood.

Pharmer imagines him to have been the one given the most swirlies in grade school.

Deriving odd pleasure from death and grief of others is Alan’s thing,  and his treatment of the Santorum family’s grieving ritual, after the death of their baby, is fully within character.

In Pharmer’s radio  interview with Alan, he gleefully brought up California’s legislative effort in favor of euthanasia, just to obtain a bit more heat in the exchange, regarding health professionals who don’t want to take part in abortion.  The pleasure he was obtaining from the prospect of more medicalized killing was palpable.  That he obtained Matthews-style  tingle was not outside the realm of possibility.

There is something seriously wrong with Alan Colmes, and perhaps his place in media is as a sort of circus sideshow,  for shock value.

On the other hand, It’s good to see the Duggar Family up in Iowa, stumping for Santorum. A message to Republican elites…. the conservatives are coming


Pelosi on Abortion: Foaming at the Mouth Again

Steve Ertelt grabbed this bit of video of Pelosi commenting on the latest attempt to defund abortion and protect conscientious health care professionals, being addressed in Congress.

Nancy is frothing at the mouth with more intensity than usual, fueled possibly by the cognitive dissonance in her mind. Nancy professes some connection with Catholicism, which expressly states that the killings of humans by abortion are wrong. It is up close and personal for Pelosi, who wants these procedures available for her daughters. Living inside the head of this woman would not be pleasant.

From Nancy’s mind to yours, (4/20/07) decrying the upreme Court decision to uphold the ban of partial birth abortion:
“This isn’t really an abortion issue. That is what really saddens me about what the justices said.

“This is about a procedure that any parent would want her daughter to have access to if she needed it.
And to frame it as an abortion issue is doing a disservice to medicine and to our young women and our country. So I hope we can get the focus back on the fact that this Supreme Court is deciding what medical procedures are necessary for child-bearing women.”

Pharmer invites Pelosi to present a single medical case in which any procedure of carving up a human in utero is necessary specifically to save the life of a mother.

Don’t hold your breath for a response.

Weekend Business: Repeal of Bush’s Conscience Protections for Health Care Professionals

It’s a whisper in the news……. You’d have to dig hard to find it.  Obama gutted the  regulations Bush had put into place to protect conscientiously objecting health care professionals from discrimination.

There were essentially no new provisions in Bush’s executive order, except to cause institutions to worry about receiving federal funds if they discriminated against health care professionals who refuse to kill humans in their practice.

Obama has returned the situation to its previous state:  toothless conscience legislation, nearly unenforceable because  unemployed health care professionals usually lack  funds to bring civil redress when incidents of discrimination occur. Also,  what remains of “protection” will only apply to what is obviously recognized as abortion to a layman,   and sterilization.   Objection to chemical abortions at the early stages of human development, and use of various biotech medical devices, unethically derived drugs, vaccines, transplants, implants  (from killed humans) will not be covered.

Actually the situation is worse than it was previously, as the department of Health and Human Services has utterly no interest in hearing or cataloging incidents of discrimination.   The head of this department, Kathleen Sebelius   had no interest in enforcing medical standards applicable to abortion clinics in her home state of Kansas.

It is fortunate  that the new Congress has shown some interest in this situation, otherwise it might be missed entirely by the public.

The actual  repeal is gibberish,  unless one has intimate  familiarity with the underlying laws and regulations.  Heritage Foundation has pretty much put it in English.

The Sebelius HHS will effectively leave conscientiously objecting health care professionals without protections,  and  all should be prepared to find new jobs or careers should a conflict between the employers mandates and personal conscience ever arise.

As  previously, the protection of conscience for health care professionals will largely lie in the power of the internet, to expose  institutions  which  discriminate against health care professionals who refuse to kill, and reduce private business, and  the sources of charitable   donations, funds and grants.