Abortionist in Chief, Using Children as Props, Announces 23 New Gun Control Edicts

Obama signed 23 new executive orders, expanding federal control over the distribution and tracking of guns.  Congress is also expected to deal with new legislation, as a solution to the governments utter failure to enforce the existing legislation.  The fact that the cited gun violence is concentrated in the areas with the strictest gun control has been ignored, thus revealing that the new legislation is not about protection or safety at all.

As the Abortionist in Chief pretends to be pushing gun bans for the sake of the children, take some time, surfing links below, to review some of his killer classics:

Obama Selling His Daughters for the Abortion Cause Again.
Remember how he didn’t want his daughters to be PUNISHED with a baby?

Obama on Abortion: to the left of most abortionists

President Barack Obama’s Pro-Abortion Record: A Pro-Life Compilation | LifeNews.com.

Opposing the Born Alive Infants Protection Act of Illinois,


Infanticide is All the Rage!

Australia Awards Infanticide Guru Highest Civic Award – By Wesley J. Smith – The Corner – National Review Online.

Australia’s highest Civic Honor was awarded to Princeton’s  Peter Singer, who is now “Companion in the General Division of the Order of Australia for his amazing contributions to philosophy and bio-ethical thought.

Pharmer Hurls!

It appears that among the intelligentsia of Australia, infanticide, health care rationing, culling the human herd, not to mention bestiality, have become highly fashionable.

One more westernized nation flushes itself down the toilet.

Very Late Term Abortions Have Been Suggested for Bioethicists Minerva and Giubilini

A bit of a media uproar was generated by Alberto Giubilini Francesca Minerva who were published in the Journal of Medical Ethics. These two were former associates of the Journal’s Editor, Julian Savulescu, who seems a bit disturbed by the backlash. It seems that some people have written to these two large masses of unproductive tissue that they might be eligible for very late term abortions.

While your friendly  Pharmer  desires to avoid killing any humans, she is not surprised that the same slippery slope of habitual and gratuitous killing that is now justifying infanticide, would be extended a little further to include bioethicists. After all, that group certainly has less  claim than infants do in the area of productivity and value to society.  While newborns don’t do too much, they  seem to bring a sense of hope and joy  to many casual observers.  The same is not true for these bioethicists.

Republicans Slam Media for Birth Control Question

Obama’s position (to the left of NARAL) opposing the Illinois Born Alive Infants protection act, is being softened and spun by the media into a protection of Roe V Wade.

The legislative record of Obama while in Illinois shows his vehement opposition to protecting the lives of babies born alive, prematurely or after failed abortion attempts, or induced early deliveries.

See for yourself: It’s been assembled since the 2008 presidential campaign, HERE!.

Hospital Aborts Wrong Twin in Horrible Mistake | The Stir

Hospital Aborts Wrong Twin in Horrible Mistake | The Stir.

From Australia comes a story of a woman who decided to abort one of her twins due to a untoward fetal diagnosis of  a heart defect. (In the pre-Obama care U.S.  there are still  corrective options for fetal heart defects.)

Due to an error, at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne, the healthy twin was killed instead.   The mistake was discovered at 32 weeks gestation, at which time the twin with the heart defect (according to the article) was delivered by “emergency” c-section and then killed.

The article’s author commiserates with the mom who has “lost two children”.

These two children were not lost.   They were both willfully killed.

The governmental  health care administrators  might wish to consider the cost of post infanticide  mental damage  to the mother, and compare it to the cost of fetal or neonatal cardiac repair, or even the cost of keeping a newborn comfortable if  he or she  has a fatal defect.

California Stops the Ban on Male Infant Circumcision

The most interesting thing about this Reuters article,  concerning the San-Francisco no-circ law being overturned for the second time by the State of California, is the comment section.

See the no-circ people going nutz about the practice of infant circumcision, and foaming at the mouth about the religious underpinnings.

So Pharmer asked them, where to they stand on the issue of removing the entire baby and throwing him into the trash?


Did they vote for Obama, who thought it is  ok to do this even after the kid is born?

Why The Catholic Bishops Don’t Get Donations From Pharmer

Pharmer continues the boycott of the US Catholic Bishops fundraisers, and here’s just one more reason.

This appeared in Pharmer’s Church bulletin during October, Pro-life month:

“The Indiana Bishops have asked that parishes and affiliated/associated organizations NOT distribute or allow distribution of Indiana Right To Life’s or county affiliate organization’s election materials.
The Indiana Right to Life has adopted a clearly partisan policy that effectively endorses ONLY Republican candidates for elected offices.
When the Indiana Right to Life Policy and materials are again non-partisan, with a focus on education and advocacy, parishes may be able to cooperate with the local and state organization during the election campaign once more.”

The use of the word “republican” in this announcement violates it’s own supposed non-partisan message. Thus it is internally inconsistent with the supposed spirit the Indiana Bishops are pretending to convey.

The reality is that the bulk of U.S. Bishops (outside of a persistently pro life minority) are paying lip service to pro-life ideals only due to the prodding of the pro-life Pope Benedict.

The Wallbuilders have established three years running that the churches need not fear the IRS removal of tax exempt status. Those preachers doing political advocacy from the pulpits, and sending the tapes to the IRS have yet to be taken to task. The IRS knows that it will lose this case in court, so it keeps silent, allowing the IRS intimidation of most pastors to proceed.

The Catholic Church in the United States ought not to specifically ally itself with any party, but it really needs to get out of bed with the pro-abortion, pro-infanticide, pro-euthanasia, pro-gay marriage, Pro-WAR, pro-slavery, anti-civil rights, Democrat party of the KKK. Those of us who know the history of the U.S. Wars and the above mentioned misbehaviors know which party has initiated and/or supported them in our government.

Any politically conscious person knows that the Republican party is not without stain, and this is why there is a TEA-party for one example. Pharmer has been boycotting the RNC appeals for many years, and assisting individual candidates in other ways.

Pro-life politicians need to find another party, because the Democrat party at the national level has been impervious to transformation on these issues, and defunds its pro-life candidates at the national level. Democrats have moved further left with their chosen president’s inclusion of actual infanticide as an extension of abortion.


The Indiana Right to Life Voter Guide has no endorsements included on the document. It has survey questions for federal and state candidates, followed by lists of the candidates (without party affiliation) and their replies to the questions.

Indiana Right to Life has issued a statement that it will back no Democrats this year, due in part  to the cooperation of Indiana Democrats with the pro abortion Obamacare.  The Democrat state officials have not allowed pro-life legislation to proceed in the Indiana legislature as well.  The Indiana Bishops are reminded of Independents, Teapartiers, and Libertarians which are active within the state, and which are not excluded from consideration.  It is revealed that the “only republicans” statement appearing in the church bulletin really means “no democrats”.

The 2010 List of Indiana Right to Life PAC endorsements- click HERE

The Democrat Party Platform of 2008 on Abortion:
“The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v Wade and a woman’s right to choose a safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay, and we oppose any and all efforts to weaken or undermine that right.”

“The Democratic Party also strongly supports access to comprehensive affordable family planning services and age-appropriate sex education which empower people to make informed choices and live healthy lives. We also recognize that such health care and education help reduce the number of unintended pregnancies and thereby also reduce the need for abortions.”

“The Democratic Party also strongly supports a woman’s decision to have a child by ensuring access to and availability of programs for pre and post natal health care, parenting skills, income support, and caring adoption programs.”