Gun Owner Story Could Crimp Christie’s Political Career

A gun owner located in New Jersey announced that the Second Amendment Fight has come to his front door.  Posting at the Delaware Open Carry forum, Shawn Moore told his compatriots that an online  pic of his son holding an AR-15 had brought the cops and the New Jersey Department of Youth and Family Services to his door.

It turns out that the cops  never saw the actual Facebook  pic, but had come to his house to get into his gun safe without a warrant, based on hearsay alone.

The Blaze is carrying this story also, with the pic the gun toting kid, and the cops from the Carney’s Point Police Department, who visited wearing their tactical gear.

By the way, that boy has more credentials for toting an ar-15 than most adults.  He has passed the state firearms safety test, and his father is a certified NRA Firearms instructor.

The police and the DYFS representatives have been very reluctant to give commentary or their identities in relation to this case.  Acting Police Chief Robert De Gregorio is not talking to The Blaze reporters.  Likewise, the DYFS officials are refusing to be interviewed, or give their names, though they apparently still want to see the contents of Mr. Moore’s gun safe.  It appears that they understand that they might on shaky legal ground even in the socialist state of New Jersey.  The DYFS investigator would not even give her name or credentials to Shawn Moore when she was at his home.  A person who can’t remember her name should be under supervised care.  This could also apply to Lynette, at the DYFS office, who perhaps could not recall the spelling of her surname.

If the harassment of this legal gun owner, and his family continues, it should be useful in stopping the republican political support of Governor Chris Christie, who is no kind of gun rights sympathizer.

Psssst Media Secret: FBI investigates NJ Sen. Bob Menendez for Use of Underage Prostitutes

You won’t hear hardly a whisper of this if you watch the mainstream news. Sen Bob Menendez apparently likes to visit the Dominican Republic, via private aircraft for recreational reasons. He has a Democrat, donor buddy, Dr. Salomon Melgen, an opthalmologist with whom he likes to party, and the FBI knows it. This is why they have raided said physician’s office complex looking for evidence, and have driven away with van’s full of material.
Some other problems of Dr. Melgen, besides his party life with Sen Menendez, are his successive tax liens, amounting to many millions of dollars.

For background, you can visit HERE, and see the original interviews of women in the Dominican Republic, who say that Sen. Menendez paid them for sex. The women reported that he promised them $500, but they only received $100.

When pressed about the accusation, Senator Menendez said that he would not dignify the story with a response.

Emails pertaining to the FBI investigation have been published HERE.   On the sidebar, at that link, is a flash widget  for downloading the dossier of the federal investigation, containing many email screenshots and other information.

Update,  The Miami Herald  has taken notice, and so has Drudge.

Bob Menendez, were the parties that good??


Registered Sex Offender Gian Verdelli Arrested For 169th Time After Allegedly Groping Woman On PATH Train « CBS New York

In Jersey City, NJ, Gian Verdelli has been arrested for the 169th time for groping a 28 year old woman on a PATH train. His victim provided a cell phone photo of her  (alleged) attacker, and said that he had also groped her on June 30.

One wonders if the TSA gropers will be able to impact the incidence of unwanted sexual encounters aboard the public transportation systems. Passengers might trade an unofficial grope for an official one by a trained expert.  At 61, Verdelli perhaps should be considered expert.

One also wonders if the law enforcement and judicial systems of New Jersey are aiming for the Biblical standard of forgiveness. With the 169 arrests, they were well on their way to 70 x 7, and certainly to the actual standard: until the very end.

Registered Sex Offender Gian Verdelli Arrested For 169th Time After Allegedly Groping Woman On PATH Train « CBS New York.

Pro-life nurses win major court battle (

Pro-life nurses win major court battle (

Twelve nurses of the same surgery unit at University of Medicine and Dentistry Hospital, one of New Jersey’s largest health care facilities, have won their suit, and will not be forced to participate in abortion procedures.

Yet to be determined are the reprisals and scheduling problems which might crop up as  a result of their dissent. U.S. District Judge Jose Linares says that he will retain jurisdiction over the case to monitor and rule on any disputes which might arise as the decision is enforced.

Perhaps the hospital will recognize the public relations problem of coercing participation in abortion, and allow the nurses to practice in peace.

Congratulations to the courageous nurses and the lawyers of the Alliance Defense Fund on their victory.

Senator Frank Lautenberg: We’ve Got To Eliminate the Rich

Sen. Frank Lautenberg  (D) NJ, has about 50 million, so …… Is he going to volunteer for his program?  😉

*Update: The videographer made a correction at Youtube, as it appears that Lautenberg tried to say waste.

The title here stands, because we always have less of whatever is taxed, and that includes the rich. See also the Warren Buffett’s plan, which Lautenberg touts. This tax plan will eliminate the rich before Lautenberg actually addresses the government waste.

Christie Announces Sweeping N.J. Education Reform « CBS New York- News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of NY

Christie Announces Sweeping N.J. Education Reform « CBS New York- News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of NY.

Governor Christie aims to fix the broken education system in New Jersey by fixing standards for teacher eligibility and standards for raises and tenure.

Teacher of the lower grade students are going to have to pass math and reading tests in order to keep their jobs.  WOW!

Pay and tenure will become tied to performance rather than longevity.  AMAZING!    The latter will have to be passed by the legislature first.  Let’s hope they do it.

The CBS  press article did not contain language to cast these measures in a negative light.  That’s also amazing.

Was She Wearing a Thong?

According to this Fox News Story, that’s the question of the day.

We have the story of an irate mom attending a school board seminar addressing the topic of bullying. Someone at the middle school had pulled down her daughters sweat pants exposing her undies in front of other students. The mother was angry that this pervasive issue of “pantsing” at the school was not being given significant attention.

During the meeting the Superintendent Joseph Longo is said to have asked the mom if her daughter was wearing a thong.

Understandably, she became irate at the meeding, and after the meeting cussed at the school principal, Mr. Edward Bocar in the hallway.

If you think it was understandable for the mother to respond in anger to the situation and that question from the superintendent, and that she should not be facing criminal charges for cussing, you might wish to politely tell Mr. Luongo what you think of his rather strange question, and the issue of the mother being punished for an understandable reaction.

Notice that if you visit the Hasbrouck Heights middle school web page, you need a password to see the staff email addresses. But check out that front page full of vaccine info, because they’re still trying to push that human papilloma virus vaccine to their underage girls.

Not to worry, an email addy was still able to be found:
HASBROUCK HEIGHTS BORO Joseph Luongo Superintendent
as were the phone numbers and address of the middle school.
so here you go:
Hasbrouck Heights Middle School
365 Boulevard
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604
(201) 393-8190
And Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Joseph C. Luongo’s numbers are
tel: 201-393-8145, and fax: 201-288-0289

Please be Nice and Easygoing as you tell the good superintendent that the charges against this mom are over the top, as was that intrusive question about the thong.

More details here: