Pope Calls Out Catholic Charities for Promoting Abortion, Contraception

Pope Calls Out Catholic Charities for Promoting Abortion, Contraception.

This directive is coming from the top. The Pope Benedict  himself is directing Catholic affiliated charities  to stop funding abortionists and promoters of this and other activities which are directly against the teaching of the Catholic Church.

This further validates the  boycott against the Catholic Campaign for Human Development by Catholics who are concerned about the manner in which their charitable funds are being spent.

This directive also has practical application to individual Catholics to direct their charitable activities and giving wisely.

The faithful  might also pay particular attention to the charitable outreaches being pitched to the students in the religious affiliated schools.   It always helps to LOOK UP the Organization on the release form that you sign for your child.


Pope Tweets for the First Time

Pope tweets for the first time.

Pope Benedict XVI  tweeted a message to announce the start up of the new Vatican news service which he hopes will streamline communciation from the Vatican to the world, and even assist it’s internal communications.

Assimilation will occur via the website, Facebook, Twitter, RSS feed, Youtube, and Flickr.  Resistance is futile! 😉


Pope Benedict officially clicks to publish the news website.