Raw Milk Suggested As Reason for Low Incidence of Allergies in Amish Children

Amish farm kids remarkably immune to allergies: study – Yahoo! News Canada.

The FDA, which shut down Farmer Dan Allgyer’s raw milk business, for health reasons, apparently hasn’t seen  the study which finds a remarkably low rate of allergies among Amish children.   These kids were  compared to  cohorts of other farm children and those who are not raised on farms.  U.S. Amish kids were compared to Swiss kids  in an attempt to control for common genetic factors, and still a considerable difference was seen.

Other studies point to the farm environment, exposure to certain microorganisms, and to cows.   Raw cows milk is also associated with the reduced allergy incidence.

This latest study, led by Dr. Mark Holbreich  showed 7 percent of Amish kids testing positive for a skin prick allergy test,  while  25 percent of Swiss farm kids, and 44 percent of other Swiss children tested positive.

Allergies are big medical business.  Perhaps crony capitalism is the reason that the FDA felt such a need to shut down Dan Allgyer’s farm. 

Your Tax Dollars At Waste, Stinging Amish Farmer

Feds sting Amish farmer selling raw milk locally – Washington Times.

One thing this article is missing is the taxpayer cost of the FDA sting on Dan Allgyer, an Amish farmer who sold unpasteurized milk to customers specifically wanting that product.

The FDA is convinced that raw milk has no benefits, that can’t be obtained from the pasteurized products but customers  believe otherwise.

It’s obvious that drinking unpasteurized milk with its collection of native flora is a different deal than drinking the commercial product the bacteria of  which have been killed.   People also eat yogurt to obtain benefits from the microbial growth within.

Some people don’t mind playing a bit of roulette with their pro-biotics, and the FDA, which obviously doesn’t know ‘bugs’, needs to find something more useful to do.