War on Women

The Democrat party  has  conducted  a war on women, and is  projecting the blame on others similarly as in their war on minorities and their war on religion.

1) American lefties are supporting sex selection abortions, since the culling of girl babies from families generates abortion revenue.   The decision of a woman to kill her daughters and spare her sons is not to be infringed.

2) The lefties regulate  the population of their minority “voter stock” by abortion clinic placement and funding practices which has resulted in Blacks being aborted at almost 5 times, and Hispanics at 3 times the rate of Whites.

3) The Democrats  have not a word to say about the acquittal of the virginity testing docs in Egypt. There is total silence on this obvious violation of human rights. Testing virginity is a gratuitous vaginal entry which serves no medical purpose. As our Democrats look the other way, and Obama sends our tax money to the interim government there, the women who were violated by military virginity testers, including Dr. Ahmed Adel, have been thrown under the bus. The judicial decision amounts to a denial that the incidents ever occurred.

Using the already routine pre-abortion ultrasounds to inform women about her developing, unborn baby, before she decides to abort, is the leftist idea of rape. Since those ultrasounds area already a part of the procedure, it’s just the Virginia state requirement of  offering  information to the woman which has raised their cry of “rape”.

The Georgetown Birth Control Gurl, Sandra Fluke, has been compared to activists in Myanmar who have payed the price for their pro-democracy speech with long prison terms. At the women of the world summit, Hillary extolled women “who are assuming the risks that come with sticking your neck out, whether you are a democracy activist in Burma or a Georgetown law student in the United States.”
The ridiculousness of comparing Fluke, who is whining for free birth control, to women such as Zin Mar Aung, who spent years in jail just for writing a letter, is obvious to any sane person.

In the sclerotic brain of Hillary, our  desire not to have to pay for the birth control of college students at a $45,000 per year school, amounts to controlling women.

The leftist war on women, which they have  projected onto Republicans,  has allowed or fostered  the torture and killing of females, while profiting   from the mechanisms which are used  for increasing their  sexual availability.

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