Washington Post Sold at Bargain Basement Price

…..lower than pawnshop markdowns.  WaPo, selling at a 87% percent loss (from its value 10 years ago, not counting inflation) was priced somewhere between flea market and free-cycle rates, and Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com  snapped it up as a cute news accessory.

Possibly the headlines touting his name and his company’s name constitute advertising which is worth the cost of this purchase.

This change of ownership is the buzz of media everywhere, eclipsing even the news of the New York Times selling off the Boston Globe for pennies on the dollar.

Pharmer had personally experienced the bias of the Washington Post, and  asked the interviewer about its effect on their readership and ad sales.   This might have been a reason for a stoppage of the regular, early summer calls from Rob Stein. ;-)   It appears that he has jumped ship and moved to the NPR science desk.

Certainly internet news has put a huge dent in the print media industry, but almost all large newspapers maintain an online presence.   The leftie press has so tarnished its reputation, and chased away readers, that they can no longer maintain advertising  sales.  The occasional publishing of an actual news story has been aptly termed a “random act of journalism”. 


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  1. Wow…an 87% loss for WaPo! That amazes and surprises me