West Virginia Abortion Clinic Fails to Report Pregnant 11 Year Old

Of all the health care providers who came in contact with the 11 year old daughter of Michael and Amanda Adkins, only the Charleston abortion clinic failed to contact authorities regarding her pregnancy.

WSAZ reporters concluded that the law in West Virginia allows the abortion clinic to not report pregnant 11 year olds as statutory rape.  They claim that Ohio law has been vague in this area also.  In Kentucky, a pregnancy for an 11 year old is automatically classified as the result of first degree rape, and therefore must be reported.

Two weeks after the abortion, the parents took  the girl to the physician who first noted her pregnancy, telling him that there were symptoms of a miscarriage.  Without knowing of the abortion, he performed a D&C, which should have been an unnecessary procedure, compounding medical risk for the girl.

Perhaps the parents wanted to be absolutely certain that no baby remained, because, as has been later discovered, incest was involved.  Michael Adkins has been indicted for sexual assault, sexual abuse and incest, and Amanda is charged with obstruction and intimidation of a witness.

Abortionists have frequently  fought against requirements to report sexual abuse and statutory rape, because those things result in demand for their services $$$.

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