killing humans who have breast cancer gene

Mom kills six of her embryos because they carry a gene linked with breast cancer.

Note that this gene is only linked with some of breast cancers, not all.
To you ladies battling / surviving breast cancer……. this is a DIRECT message from the proaborts that the world would have been better off with you DEAD before birth. How about that CHOICE???

This woman isn’t protecting her children. She killed six of em. She’s protecting her investments, emotional and financial, from the risk of dealing with cancer. I’m gonna be sick!

I bet this just makes gay people all that more eager to find a genetic link, huh???

NOT a bright idea. The PLAGAL people have had common sense about this stuff from the beginning.

Supreme Court gets one right

After screwing up on property rights, and screwing up on overturning laws to allow death penalty for repeat child rapists, the Supreme Court finally got one right.

Washington DC’s idiotic gun ban has been overturned.

The restrictions banning hand guns and effectively eliminating all others from use for self defense are no more. Similar gun laws in other urban areas are also affected. During the next hurricane maybe it won’t be standard procedure to forcibly take the means of self defense away from elderly residents, as was done in the aftermath of Katrina.

This is nice.

On the child rape decision…. why would 5 supreme court justices feel that repeated child rape isn’t a significant crime? Even Obama disagreed with that one, though he thinks that killing infants in hospitals is OK.

home grown tomatoes

Yeah, we packed a greenhouse full of tomato plants.

Time to cash in on the Salmonella scare like any good capitalist would.

OK, we’re gonna have jetstar, early girl, better boy, beefsteak, roma, sweet 100, and some other type of cherry tomato, if the weather treats us right.

Yummy. No human crap in our tomato beds, and they’re covered, so no bird crap either. Oughta be just fine for your gastrointestinal tract.

9th circuit judge has his own porn website

9th circuit court of appeals judge, Alex Kozinski suspended a significant LA obscenity trial after admitting that he has his own porn website. Seems that the good judge has a penchant for nude women painted as cows, posing on all fours. Mooooooooooooooo.

To each his own. Very nice of the judge to realize that maybe he can’t try a case involving practices fairly similar to his own, though apparently more hard core.

This link
might last longer than the above link, and has a synopsis of the story, as well as a more provocative headline.

Cardinal George cracks down

Father Michael Pfleger has been temporarily suspended from Service at St. Sabina parish in Chicago after his latest big show at Trinity United Church of Christ.
He’s broken the rules against preaching partisan politics from the pulpit and has been “granted” a leave of absence to contemplate his actions.

This won’t be the first time that Pfleger has been in hot water with his Bishop. Life as a screaming liberal has often put him at odds with his superiors, and with Catholic teaching.