Barney Frank wants Government control of all Salaries

That would be the pay for performance act of 2009.

Yes Barney has big ideas for all of us. He wants the government to decide how much all employees are paid. This is the ultimate in government control of our lives, maybe even more profound than the control of health care.

Now this pay for PERFORMANCE, idea………. does it extend to those guys who were EMPLOYED by Barney Frank’s former room mate, who was running that special little business out of the good Senator’s apartment. ???

Well, maybe not. Even though this performance act is supposed to be retroactive, it appears to apply to companies while they are being federally funded.

It does raise some questions as to what kinds of salaries and performances a giant, newly created bureaucracy might be reviewing.

Could your colonoscopy transmit HIV infection?

Possibly it could if your VA hospital in Florida didn’t disinfect the water pumps used for the colonoscopy procedures.

If you’re one of the lucky patients who visited the Miami, FL Veterans Administration hospital since 2004, for colonoscopy, you might have been exposed to HIV or Hepatitis through the use of a water pump which was not fully disinfected after the previous procedure.

Dial 305-575-7256 or 877-577-7256 if you have any concerns. The VA hospital staff are searching for 700 patients who have not yet been contacted regarding this possible exposure.

It would be accurate to say that the infection risk is possible, not probable, but insufficient cleaning between examination procedures is not a selling point for the VA model of socialized medicine.

Learn a little More about Lila Rose

…….. the UCLA student who has been kicking Planned Parenthood hard. The video and audio data collected by her group has opened up several state investigations of Planned Parenthood.

As you might suspect, Planned Parenthood is in defensive mode, and very concerned about avoiding more video footage made by Lila and Live Action Films. They’ve got pics of Lila Rose up at their clinics, apparently, so she might be recognized before filming another worker, willing to cover up the sexual abuse of minors.

Follow the above link, and note again that Live Action Films video channel is featured in the sidebar of this blog.

Leftgrrrrrrrrls manifesto of women’s rights

I was looking at some commentary regarding Hillary’s shiny new Margaret Sanger Award, and wondered: ‘Who would want such a thing???’.

Leftist whackjobs, that’s who.

Regarding Hillary’s comments about women’s Rights, I compiled a quick list of some new “rights” that leftists have assigned to us.

Leftistgrrrrl Manifesto of Women’s “Rights”

1) Women have the “right” to be sexually molested prior to, during, and shortly after puberty.

2) Women have the “right” to be given the morning after pill (or other chemical abortifacient) without their knowledge by the direct provider of above mentioned “right” number 1.

3)Women have the “right” at any age to be told that they should abort their child if they are raped, or molested.

4)Women have the “right” to recieve birth control drugs containing hormones listed by WHO as carcinogenic, and which now must be packaged with safe handling labels.

5)Women have the”right” to be lied to about the mechanisms and side effects of drugs mentioned in #4.

6)Women have the “right” to bear the brunt of the burden of bodily alteration through hormone use, as their partners most often refuse to assume such responsibilities

7) Women have the”right” to be told that they should abort their child if it has untoward fetal diagnosis (likely to have a disability).

8) Women in socialized medicine systems have the “right” to be forced to abort if they have too many kids, or in the case of untoward fetal diagnosis.

9)Women of school age have the “right” to be given drugs at their schools, or to be driven to get an abortion by school counselors without parental consent.

10)Women have the “right” to be used as a sex toy by perverted old politicians and judges, (and those who pay them off), and found dead after the usefulness has diminished.

I bet you can identify many more.

Gingrich Turns Catholic

Christianity Today Blog cites a deeply buried line in a NYT story announcing that Newt Gingrich will be converting to Catholicism. If that is according to normal scheduling, the formal recognition would occur on the night before Easter. Keep your ears open.

Newt’s third wife, Callista Bisek is a likely inspiration for this change, though Newt has been studing this religion business for awhile, resulting in a 2006 book entitled “Rediscovering God in America”.

Abortion Chain Owner, Bud Feldman suffers Tragic Loss

Irving (Bud) Feldkamp, owner of the nation’s largest for-profit abortion chain, Family Planning Associates,
has suffered the tragic loss of two of his children their families, and friends, in a plane crash in Montana. The families were flying to a ski vacation resort in a plane, owned by Bud Feldman.

Ice on the wings is one suspected cause of the tragic crash which claimed the lives of the 14 people aboard. Others cite that the plane was well loaded with passengers, and that this might have contributed to the troubles.

Pro lifers are praying for the deceased, and praying that their parents, Bud and Pam Feldkamp recognize this grievous milepost as a call to remove themselves from the abortion business and repent. Prayers are also for their son, Irving M Feldkamp IV, identified in this site as president of Family Planning Associates.

US District Court orders Plan B OTC for 17 year old girls

Once more establishing the view that girls are to be used for sex, but not reproduction, The U.S. district Court for Eastern New York has decreed that the FDA must reconsider its decision to limit over the counter availability of the morning after pill to adults (over 18). Availability to younger women as been by prescription, except in circumstances of the pills being purchased by adult men for minor girls.

While this court decision is not earth shattering, since pedophiles have been able to purchase the pills for girls whom they statutorily, or forcibly rape, it does serve to identify and reaffirm the perversion of the left wing, and its voracious appetite for sex with the pediatric population.

Lifenews reveals Judge Edward R. Korman
to be responsible for this court order that Plan B be made available to minors of 17 years almost immediately, while its distribution to younger girls is reconsidered.

Based on this, one wonders if Judge Korman has vested interest in the financial future of abortion providers, or if there are other interests of a more personal nature.

The actual science of the matter is that Plan B has been found to be less effective than any other hormonal birth control of prescription variety, also ranking below the effectiveness of condoms and somewhere near that of the withdrawal method. See the Plan B information for the health care provider. Look at the chart!

Ignoring the fact that Plan B has largely an interceptive (abortive of early embryos) mechanism, the drug is simply ineffective, and has been associated with an increase in demand for later term abortion interventions. While giving data to substantiate the preceding statement, this study explicitly concludes that Plan B distribution does not reduce demand for later abortions. Repeating once more… Plan B does not work well enough to be relied upon for birth control.

Continuing the current trajectory of “family planning”, the distribution of birth control chemicals in the U.S. will soon be as unregulated as in the countries most known for the sex slave trade. It’s reasonable to conclude that the left wing wants your underage offspring to be available for sex.

There is zero concern demonstrated for girls’ emotional or physical health.

Are you going to support this with your votes? Are you going to continue to work hard to pay taxes for this?

Government Stimulus using Chinese Condoms

Such a DEAL!!!!
The latest portion of the Obama stimulus package involves a switch from U.S. made condoms to those made off shore, including imports from China.

In a move expected to cost 300 jobs, the government which said it would buy American whenever possible has decided to save money by going after the lowest bidder for its prophylactic devices. The manufacturer to bear the brunt of this cost is an Alabama plant called Alatech, which will likely have to close due to this government decision.

At issue is the desire for thinner condoms, though it is known that these are more prone to breakage. The Chinese manufacturers are said to be learning to make better condoms. Who wants to find out the hard way?

My advice is to avoid the company which makes Planned Parenthood’s supply since consumer reports rated them worst in a comparison test.

On Bioethicists

The purpose of bioethicists is to formulate excuses for those who desire to kill human beings, for one reason or another.

The main focus is to create a system in which human value becomes dependent on relationships or to job function. This places the unborn, disabled or very sick human beings into very killable categories.

A really effective bioethicist can make a person feel much better while contemplating the killing, as well as in the aftermath. Inventing creative uses for the bodies of the dead helps to expiate the guilt that normal people used to associate with killing other humans. So this has become a significant corollary field of bioethics.