Balloon Boy Busts the Family / news overshadows Obama missile deal with China

OK it was for the SHOW…….. Why balloon boy of Colorado hid in the attic during the massive search for him on Oct 15.

Meanwhile, while we all watched this Hoax, Obama quietly turned over control of missile technology sales to the Commerce Dept, so China can get some. It costs a lot to keep in China’s good graces, since they’re holding all our debt.

Pharmer thought it would be fun to present the news on Oct 15, just as it appeared, with the top story above the MUCH BIGGER STORY.

Conservatives Boycott the Colts

This email was sent through the Indianapolis Colts website with respect to Jim Irsay vowing to oppose Rush Limbaugh as an investor in the Rams.

I will be encouraging all other political conservatives to avoid any support of the Colts, as my Indiana family is doing.

It is time for us to stop paying people who slander, libel, and otherwise “diss” those with conservative ideology. Jim Irsay and Roger Goodell don’t need our money.

It is time for all people to recognize the true racists: Leftists hate the minority people who don’t want their programs. They promise giveaways to liberal Blacks and Hispanics, while arranging to abort their babies at five times and three times the RATE of White babies respectively. Statistics from Alan Guttmacher Institute (Planned Parenthood Research). Indianapolis is a prime example of abortion clinic placement to this end.

We know who the real racists are.

Karen L. Brauer MS, RPh

Read up: Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr., founder of STAND, a regular Rush listener, felt strongly enough to put out a press release in Christian Newswire.

New South Wales, AU Chemist Dispenses With the Pill

That is……. He stopped dispensing them,  and is informing  the customers wanting contraceptives, including condoms,  that he can’t fill that demand, due to his religious beliefs.

Trevor Dal Broi is a Catholic who has apparently tuned into the Church teachings with respect to his entire life, including his professional life.

There are plenty of people who believe that life is compartmentalized, and that religious beliefs are sort of a condiment to be dolloped onto the private life.

Others have figured out that religion is “way of living” and that the attempt to adhere should be 24/7 and  365/year. 

Sooooo,  Chemist Dal Broi…….. if you’re out there, please accept my congratulations on your decision, and prayers that it enhances your professonal life.

The “dissident” pharmacists of conscience are doing women a favor: pointing out the health care hoaxes and misinformation which are detrimental to their health.

 For the people who think condoms decrease HIV and most other STDs  (on a population level, they do the opposite, and the Pope knows this)  go HERE.

Address the delusion that  contraceptives decrease the demand for abortion  (they don’t, and studies show a range of no change up to a marked increase in demand for abortion with contraceptive use.   A big pack of links  to reviews of the studies is at Physicians for Life.

Harry Reid will be "Daschled"

Polls in Nevada support the popular notion that Harry Reid will lose his seat in the 2010 election.

At this time, either of two Republican unknowns could beat the Senate leader if the election were held now, in Nevada.  

With 100 percent name recognition,  Reid’s unfavorable rating has been steady for months, and the conclusion from the voters is:  ‘Anyone but Harry’.

More obscene legislation from Reid will not enhance his popularity in his home state.