Big Sis Raids Whistleblowing Pilot

Sacramento-area pilot punished for YouTube video | | Sacramento, California | News.

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A Sacramento area pilot has been raided by the TSA and relieved of duty because of his video on YouTube exposing the holes in airport security.

While pilots are forced to go through screening,  the maintenance staff are not.  They have access to the planes by merely swiping a card.

He has revealed that the airport security is  not effective, and mostly for display and intimidation of the public.

The TSA has civil penalties in store for this pilot, and he intends to go public after he finds out what they are.

The pilot does not regret posting the video on you tube despite the penalties in store for him.

“Somebody obviously has to address the issue. Really, the only way this news story got traction is because of the government’s response.”

Meri Kurisumasu

Yes, it’s just fine to say MERRY CHRISTMAS! in Japan, so you shouldn’t have to worry about saying it in the U.S..

Christmas is sort of a special day for lovers in Japan, but is also celebrated in the homes. KFC has made itself a big niche for Christmas dinner, believe it or not.

The Obamas balked at displaying a nativity scene in the White house this year, but they are perfectly acceptable  in Japan.   It’s not necessary for them to be Christian to have curiosity and respect for the story of the birth of Jesus.   Below is one from Kokeshi designs.

While we’re wandering to Japan, to find religious tolerance of Christianity! here’s another look at Japan’s pro-life  Jikei hospital in Kumamoto prefecture.  They’ve got a crisis pregnancy hotline, and the stork baby hatch.

Taiji Hasuda, president of the Jikei hospital’s parent company,  brought forth the idea of this baby hatch, dubbed konotori no yurikago.  It is modeled after similar ones in Germany, as a means to reduce abortions, and prevent abandonment of babies in unsafe conditions.

Are any Japanese speakers finding the  cool homonym in Hasuda-san’s first name?

Hightest Court of Human Rights Says No Right to Abortion in European Law » Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute

High Court Says No Right to Abortion in European Law » Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute.

Europe’s uppermost court of human rights,  finds no human right to abortion in it’s latest decision, regarding three plaintiffs from Ireland.

A mixed decision says that one woman’s right to privacy was violated with respect to lack of information  regarding her options for cancer treatment.   She traveled to Britain  for an abortion,  because she did not know her available options for dealing with her ‘remittent cancer’.

The Human Rights Court resisted pressure to undermine  all of the European sovereign  states’  abortion prohibitions , as had been done in the United States.

Pharmer notes that our leftists have been wanting the U.S. Judiciary to include international legal decisions as consideration in their findings,  but believes that they will make an exception in this case.

Mechanism of Revenge? or Manifestation of OCD?

Boy, 13, Busted For Illegal Marker Possession | The Smoking Gun.

Does DeLynn Woodside suffer from an obsessive compulsive disorder, or was she seeking  a means of revenge against a student for some prior offense?

Ms. Woodside, a math teacher at Roosevelt Middle School, (Oklahoma City) had a 13 year old student arrested for using a Sharpie “permanent” marker in class.  Apparently the sharpie bled through the paper and put a mark on the student’s desk.   It is apparently against an obscure city ordinace to use a permanent marker on private property without the owner’s permission.   (Is a public school private property??)

The Police Dept  spokesman, not wanting to take responsibility for this one,  has credited Woodside with a “citizen’s arrest’.

Comments appended to this entry in the Smoking Gun add more fun to the story.   Apparently “citizen’s arrest” may apply only to felonies.  Also, a bit of rubbing alcohol is good for removing sharpie stains.

Bishop revokes Phoenix hospital’s ‘Catholic’ status

Bishop revokes Phoenix hospital’s ‘Catholic’ status.

He actually did it.    Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted stripped St. Joseph’s Medical Center, in Phoenix  of its Catholic affiliation.  This came after a scandal in 2009, concerning a widely publicized abortion which took place there.   That issue had already been  addressed, but  St. Joseph’s affiliation with the Mercy Care Plan , which provides care through the Arizona  state medicaid program,  required it to offer contraceptive counseling and other services antithetical to Catholic teachings.   This contractual arrangement is said to be the tipping point to cause the dissolution of the Catholic affiliation

Mass may no longer be said at the hospital, and the Blessed Sacrament is to be removed from the Chapel.

Watch the changes which occur at St. Joseph’s   in the aftermath of this “divorce” from Church affiliation.    Will the hospital attempt to re-affiliate, or will it rely upon a closer relationship with the government for survival.  Certainly the loss of Catholic affiliation will affect private donations to the Medical Center.

Washington Board Won’t Protect Pro-Life Pharmacists in Rules |

via Washington Board Won’t Protect Pro-Life Pharmacists in Rules |

Not unexpected is the Washington Board of Pharmacy’s refusal to  amend regulations  in order to allow a latitude of practice for pharmacists who choose not to participate in killing humans.

The pro-aborts cite worries that rural people will not have easy  access to abortive chemicals.   In reality they lack concern that the rural populations have any pharmacists at all, to provide healing, pharmaceutical care.

Prepare for the Brave New  Post-Obama World.

More and more, veterinarians, and EMT or paramedics  will be needed to assist the rural populations who completely lose access to  pharmacist, physician and nursing care because of these, and other restrictive policies of Obamacare.  Young people should consider this in choosing their career paths.  Study  Chemistry.

It is good to see more sophisticated imaging and technology being utilized in veterinary medicine.   Significant, cash-only health care  business will be opened  up in the farming communities.  Antibiotic producers  might  spring up amid the meth labs. Any good brewery can assist with raw materials.

Bear in mind that one reason for Janet Napolitano to be taking up  the environmental  cause within her umbrella of authority, is to detect to the energy use required for rural production of health care essentials. It is also reason for the new interest in FDA regulation of food production on farms.

People can learn a great deal from the Chinese regarding these kinds of matters.  How have they grown up capitalism beneath the restrictive communist government?  The immigrant communities of the U.S. are  another source  of information on how to  provide  health and dental  care to the underserved, under the table.

Washington is So Busy Over the Holidays

Robert M. McDowell: The FCC’s Threat to Internet Freedom –

For one,  the FCC has  Democrat support for its effort to regulate the internet.  Mainly the Dems would like you to believe that they opposed the Net Neutrality rules with which the FCC wanted to regulate the cable and phone companies.  That’s not really the case, and while you are busy with snow and holidays, job or job hunting, the push for more government control is taking place.

Also while you extremely busy,  the don’t ask, don’t tell policy of the military has been repealed. All the things the Dems wanted to do, but were afraid to try before the elections are being pushed through.  This push has been accompanied by  talk of resuming the military draft, which may become necessary over time due to increased difficulty in recruiting a volunteer force.  For years, the ethically challenged Democrat Charlie Rangel has been the point man supporting this effort. Lately his legislative efforts offer a choice between ‘national service’ and military service.

Even the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts (meaning your taxes will remain the same for two more years)  was packed with Democrat spending, and a compromise to extend the unemployment funding.  Though the Dems and media present STATIC TAX RATES as cost to the government,  it would be good to remember that only the spending portions added to the extension bill fall in this category.   It is not a cost to the goverment to allow you to keep the same proportion of your income for another two years.

The START treaty, (a method to decrease U.S. nuclear preparedness while allowing Russia to proceed unabated) is being jammed through before the end of the year, without paying attention to the contents.  Sen Jon Kyl of Arizona is to be credited for his early opposition to this treaty.  Mitch McConnell appears to be waking up to reality.  Sen Dick Lugar of Indiana (home of many RINOS)  is still exhibiting signs of encroaching dementia (liberalism).

An attempt to pass an Omnibus Budget Bill, written long ago by Sen Dan Inouye,  (in anticipation of Democrat defeat in November) failed in the Senate over the weekend . Harry Reid has pulled the bill.  This is the bill most noted for a large pack of old spending earmarks, for which Dems can claim most of the credit.

Aberdeen, Washington Practitioner Aborted His Own Child

Aberdeen doctor keeps job after improper abortion.

Dr. John Eiland, an ob-gyn at Grays Harbor Woman’s Clinic, will be fined $3000 dollars, be required to attend “ethics training”, and be on “probation” for three years per the Washington State Health Department.

Investigators say that he had sex with a co-worker in 2006, while he worked at Providence Centralia Hospital.   He got her pregnant and performed an abortion on her himself.  There are no available medical records for the “treatment”.  The doc, who has admitted to the misconduct, will not lose his medical license.

What a guy!