» Fed Policy Burns Down the Middle East, Who’s Next? – Big Government

» Fed Policy Burns Down the Middle East, Who’s Next? – Big Government.

Long ago Pharmer commented upon the idea of using corn to make ethanol for fuel.  1) It would raise the price of beer as demand for all kinds of grain rose in relation to supply. 2)  Food prices would go up. 3) Most significantly, people in other countries would be made to Starve, because food is so much harder to obtain in the poorest countries.  The  U.S.  formerly the breadbasket of the world, closed off much of the supply by converting it to fuel.

The above article connects the inflation of food prices caused by our “quantitative easing”, inflationary policies with exacerbated misery throughout the world.   We only use a portion of our income for food, so when that price goes up, we’re unhappy, but not in severe danger.  Such is not the case for the third world where people spend the bulk of their income on food.  They are made much more miserable by irresponsible spending and fiscal policy of the United States.  Rioting in the Middle East is being attributed to the pressures felt by people who are much more drastically affected by inflationary prices of food.

Please remind your Leftist Democrat friends of these things  when they speak of their party as the one with compassion for the poor.

Judge strikes down healthcare reform law | Reuters

Judge strikes down healthcare reform law | Reuters.

In Florida, the U.S. District Court Judge, Roger Vinson, struck down Obamacare as unconstitutional.

This ruling is broader than the previous decision (Richmond Virginia Federal District Court)  marking the provision to force citizens to purchase insurance as unconstitutional. Also the list of plaintiffs in this case include about half of the states, so that this decision has more influence.

Judge Vinson did not stay his ruling, so that it has influence even while the inevitable appeals by the Obama administration take place.This  (HOPEFULLY) will cork up the preliminary measures leading up to full implementation of the debacle in 2014.

The Doctor in Obama’s Family Opposes Obamacare

WOLF: Tawdry details of Obamacare – Washington Times.

Yes, you should read up ^.   Dr. Milton Wolf is Obama’s 2nd cousin, and for that reason calls himself 12 percent hope.    This staunch opponent of Obamacare is found at Blogspot and at the Washington times.

The above, latest output, explains what Obama thinks of his own health plan:  He’s been exempting all his best friends (investors)  from it.

The rest of less well connected businesses and individuals will suffer mightily from it.

Dr. Wolf calls health care Obama’s “big stick”, and you may expect that he and his followers will beat their opposition with it.

The No Surprise Department: Unauthorized Medical Exams.

No consent: patients probed by medical students – Madison Magazine.

Something has been up  at the Australian teaching hospitals.  Seems that the body cavities of patients are being  “gang-examined”  while said patients are in states of semi- or unconsciousness, without prior consent.   In other words,  Senior faculty members at medical schools have been ordering medical students to examine these patients intimately without prior consent having been given.  Eighty two percent of the medical students in this study were willing to follow the directives.

This  figure agrees with Pharmer’s long standing estimate that eighty percent of health care practitioners would be willing to toss away medical ethics  concerns if  their job status were at stake. The training starts early.

Having observed  the moral/ethical decline of the health care industry, this article falls into the no surprise department.

Once the killing and the healing have  become mixed, could one expect any better respect for patient autonomy than has been apparently exhibited in these cases?

Rahm Emanuel Appointment to Office of Chicago Mayor Proceeds

Though  another mayoral campaign opponent has been  kicked off the ballot for questionable reasons, the non-resident Rahm Emmanuel is back in the race per today’s EXPECTED Illinois  Supreme Court decision.

Sen Carol Moseley Braun,  a primary opponent of Emanuel will occupy the usual place for Black democrats under the Obama Administration.  Under the Bus with Rep. James E. Clyburn she goes!

Remember Pharmer TOLD you.… Emanuel is to be the appointed Mayor of Chicago.  The field will be cleared for him.

Abortionist Loses License, Killed Woman in Failed Abortion | LifeNews.com

Practitioner Loses License, Killed Woman in Failed Abortion | LifeNews.com.

Andrew Rutland, a 67  yo  Los Angeles abortionist has agreed to give up his license for the second time.  This time his troubles result  from killing patient Ying Chen in a failed abortion attempt.

The patient suffered cardiac arrest, subsequent to the administration of anaesthesia medication,   was hospitalized and died six days later.

Overdose of anaesthesia was blamed for the death.  One could not expect abortionists to know the vagaries (pharmacogenomics) of dosing drugs to patients of various sizes and different races. Of course that info is vital to avoiding overdoses, but those practitioners are not held to the standards of usual competency. Pennsylvania abortionist Kermit Gostnell had similar troubles with dosing the anaesthesia in patient Karnamaya Mongar, who died after repeated doses  of meperidine caused a heart arrhythmia.

Rutland had lost his license the first time after the death of Jillian Broussard, a newborn whose spinal cord he severed during a forceps delivery.

Ying Chen’s family has filed a wrongful death suit against Rutland.

Mom Delivers Baby in Toilet of Kings Mill Hospital, UK

The latest in a collection of tales from the world of socialized medicine:

Mother gives birth in hospital toilet bowl as midwives ‘ignore calls for help’ | Mail Online.

Sharon Willoughby and Richard Sum are considering action against Kings Mill Hospital  in Nottinghamshire, for a maltreatment they and their baby recieved this past November.

Their baby, now 10 weeks old was delivered into a toilet after Willoughby’s cries for help were ignored by staff.  They had given her labor inducing drugs, but, the patient says, she had not been examined for progress of the birth.

Sum fished the baby out of the toilet. Their cries and pages for help went unanswered for 15 more  minutes  because the nurses ‘thought she was asking for tea’.  Sum  helped baby and mom back into the hospital room, then had to leave them to summon assistance.

Willoughby required  a transfusion due to blood loss, and remained in the hospital for three more days.