Presidential Race: Mitch Daniels is Out, Herman Cain is In

No go in 2012: Ind. GOP Gov. Daniels not running.

Mitch Daniels cites his family interests as a reason for not running.  Another reason would be having to answer for appointing  that Loser Indiana Supreme Court Judge Steven David, who cancelled the fourth amendment  here in Indiana.   Pharmer think’s that was the final nail in the coffin.

Herman Cain, on the other hand, will be running, and this particular Indiana resident thinks today’s news  is fortunate.   Cain is a viable conservative candidate who  has a much better chance in the race than Daniels, for his ideals, speaking ability, and lack of political baggage.


Sheriff Clarence Dupnik’s Crack SWAT Team Shoots Iraq Veteran 60 Times

In his own home.

Tucson SWAT Team Defends Shooting Iraq Marine Veteran 60 Times – ABC News.

The Tucson SWAT Team raided the home of   Iraq veteran Jose Guerena, looking for drugs.   His wife first saw the SWAT  team outside the house and called to her husband, who had been sleeping.   Guerana woke and told his wife to hide herself and their youngest son in the closet.

Guerena grabbed his rifle and pointed it at the Swat team.  The original claim is that he fired first, but the police later had to retract this claim.  The gun’s safety was still on.

Remember that crack Pima County Sheriff, Clarence Dupnik of the “politicize the Loughner shooting” fame?  Click  this  statement from his office concerning Guerena’s gun.

The rest of the story?   The SWAT team packed the Iraq veteran full of 60 bullets, and prevented paramedics from entering the home for over an hour, ensuring that the former marine would not survive.

If they had found drugs in this Guerena’s home, we’d have heard about it……. but we haven’t.

The wife’s  911 call during the SWAT raid.

Guerena family has hired a lawyer.

Netanyahu associate: Obama detached from reality – Israel News, Ynetnews

Netanyahu associate: Obama detached from reality – Israel News, Ynetnews.

The clueless Obama has requested that Israel retreat to indefensible 1967 boundaries, and Netanyahu, naturally has refused, since he knows this means the end of his country.

Obama is hurting from the Muslim  backlash in response to  killing Osama bin Laden, (and receiving no political benefit from it).  He’s ready to throw Israel under the bus to make  up to his radical friends, not realizing that this isn’t beneficial for most of the Middle East in the long run.

Netanyahu’s visit to the US will be interesting.