How To Get Extra Free Play For Your Ad

Herman Cain found the secret to manipulating his rivals and opponents to obtain extra publicity. What a guy! This is why he is so huge in the polls with next to nothing for money.
Because his campaign manager is seen taking a drag on a suck-stick, the anti smoking NAZIs are going to bring Cain huge amounts of extra free airplay. SMILE

Imagine what this guy could do in foreign and economic policy!

Media Trashes Catholic Church by Aligning It With “Occupy” Protestors

The media has been spinning a statement from some in the Vatican, asking for reform of banking functions to imply that it has agreement with the Occupy protestors. As always, the statements are misinterpreted for use in bolstering the opinions of leftists that they should have a free ride at others’ expense.
The Council for Justice and Peace at the Vatican sometimes produces some fluffy ideas, based on idealism. The thought that wild speculation by financiers, which adversely affects the access to real products around the world, should be regulated sufficiently to prohibit stealing, is not a bad idea. The thought that banks should be controlled from a single central entity associated with (the very corrupt) UN is so much bubbly stuff, not based on reality.
A statement on banking coming from that part of the Vatican in no way functions as an endorsement of the Occupy protesters as the Drudge and news headlines have implied. Nor does it function as official Church teaching. Lastly, the actual statement bears little resemblance to what the lefties in the media are making of it.
One can see that some in the media have an axe to burn. Note the placement of the misleading headline about the Vatican placed underneath an article about Occupy Dallas protesters boinking a 14 year old runaway girl, who is said to have claimed the age of 19.

Take a look… One of the Drudge editors made this glaring public relations error placing these headlines close to each other:
Report: 14 year old teen sexually assaulted at Occupy Dallas…” and “Vatican backs Protests” Since this will soon disappear, Pharmer took a pic of Drudge showing at 10 am EDT today. A full size pic showing this segment with the Drudge Report header is stored away.

One more chunk of Occupy garbage: It seems that the group has amassed a half million dollars in contributions, which it is not distributing among protesting groups. No, the Occupy Movement is not spreading the wealth. It’s HOARDING IT IN AMALGAMATED BANK!!!! 🙂

New York Times Reporter, Natasha Lennard Outs Herself As an Occupy Supporter and Planner

New Video Reveals: New York Times Reporter Natasha Lennard Is #OccupyWallStreet Activist, Supporter – Big Journalism.

Breitbart features an unedited video of a panel discussion and planning session among anarchists and other far lefties of the Occupy Movement.

NYT reporter Natasha Lennard, a featured speaking panelist at  the presentation,  seems to fully understand that some of the Occupy movement’s  activities are not legal.

Will the New York Times respond to the fact that one of their reporters who covers the Occupy protests is also a planner and participant?    Perhaps this will be found to be an acceptible form of MAKING news.



Union Lobbyists Permitted to Raid Teachers Retirement Fund

Illinois pension system: 2 teachers union lobbyists used loophole for fat pensions – Chicago Tribune.

Two union lobbyists in Chicago were able to secure one day teaching jobs and become eligible for six figure teacher retirement salaries. This amazing windfall was offered to Steven Preckwinkle and David Piccioli.

This is coming from a fund which is unable to meet it’s obligations to at least half of the teachers who have been promised retirement pensions.  A new law allowed these union officials a place in line in front of the teachers, and  to piggyback their extremely short teaching careers onto their union seniority for a plush retirement existence.

Law Enforcement Shows Fear of Occupy Mobs

» Tea Party Group Harassed by GA Capitol Police While Occupy Wall Streeters Given Pass to Break Laws – Big Government.

It’s become obvious to Pro-lifers and Tea Partiers.  Our demonstrations and rallies are heavily regulated, and suffer considerable harassment from law enforcement groups.   But these same groups have allowed the Occupy  demonstrators to routinely break local ordinances without reprisal.

Why is this?  The local police and politicians are afraid of the lefties and their supporters.  They display a similar fear of terrorists.

White House Confirms: No Jobs Bill = More Rapes » White House Confirms: No Jobs Bill = More Rapes.

Does the Obama administration control the number of rapes occurring in the United States?

Click above to watch Jay Carney try to defend the statements from Joe Biden that passing the “Jobs” bill  (tax increases) is necessary to prevent more rapes and murders from occurring in the U.S..

An important aside is that the jobs bill would only pay for more police in some cities, for a single year.   Apparently Obama can only forestall the appetites of rapists  for that short period.  After that, you’re on your own.

UPDATE: shines the light on Biden’s Bogus Crime stats. It seems that the FBI thinks that rapes decreased a bit, in Flint, Michigan, rather than quadrupling as Biden had claimed.


Lefties Wish They Could Have a Tea Party, But Don’t Know How To Behave

Occupy Cleveland Protest Under Fire After Teen Alleges Rape | Video |

The stark contrast between the Occupy protests, (touted and supported by the left wing media, as well as Barack Hussein Obama),  continues as reports of anti-social behavior roll in.  A teenager in Cleveland apparently made the  bad choice to share a tent with an unknown leftie, and now reports having been raped.