Bill Ayers Tells All, on the Fundraiser and Launch of Obama’s Political Career

Above you can see Robert Gibbs telling Chrissie Matthews one thing, then Bill Ayers saying the opposite regarding that seminal moment at Ayres place, where a fundraiser was held for Obama at the outset of his career.

John Nolte at Big Journalism
gives a thorough presentation of this contradiction. He explains how the media is much too busy with Sarah Palin’s emails, and Herman Cain’s supposed sex life, and Newt’s past divorces, and a nasty, old painted rock on land leased by Perry’s father, to be concerned that Obama had support and close association with the convicted and unrepentant, domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers.
Also contained in Nolte’s article are the accusations against Palin and McCain when their campaign revealed this past element of Obama’s political career.

Getting to Know Ginger White

Former Business Partner: Ginger White Never Mentioned Herman Cain – ABC News.

Ginger had a bad breakup with  partner Kimberly Vay who ran a spinning (bicycling training) business with her.   This lead to a libel lawsuit filed by Vay  over a defamatory email sent by Ginger White to her clientele and others, giving supposed reasons for the  dissolution of their partnership.   Ms. Vay eventually prevailed in that lawsuit which was filed in june 2011.

Vay said that White never mentioned Herman Cain to her during any time of their association.  She declined to mention whether she thought White was telling the truth, and merely said:  “When you see the details of my lawsuit, they will speak for themselves”.  Vay saw fit to petition for  a restraining order against White, but a final decision on this  was never reached.

It seems that self destruction is not a new thing to Ms. White.

Texas Physician Pleads Guilty in Whistle-Blowing Nurses Case

Texas Physician Pleads Guilty in Whistle-Blowing Nurses Case.

Medscape carries news of the whistleblowing nurses in TX, Anne Mitchell and Vickilyn Galle.  These two faced all sorts of harassment and even a trial for their part in revealing evidence of malpractice by one Dr. Rolando Arafiles.  

The trial of Ann Mitchell RN, for supposed misuse of official information, resulted in aquittal.

On November 7, Arafiles pleaded guilty to misuse of official info, and retaliation against whistleblowers.   He admits to co opting help from the local sheriff and county attorney in going after the nurses.

On Nov 4th Arafiles surrendered his Texas state medical license, rather than having it revoked by the Medical Board.

Nurses Mitchell and Galle also won the settlement of a civil suit against Arafiles,  Sheriff Robert Roberts, Attorney Scott Tidwell, hospital administrator Stan Wiley. The size of this settlement could have allowed the nurses to take off work for perhaps five to ten years depending on their standards of living, were it not for the many costs of sudden unemployment and legal troubles that were  incurred for doing their jobs. All four of these individuals, named in the suit,  also were sentenced to jail time for their offenses.

Bozell Compares the Media Treatment of Sex Allegations against Clinton Vs Cain

Remember Clinton had rape accusations, which the media all but ignored entirely. Only Sam Donaldson asked Clinton directly about those, and rather than saying:
“Aaah did not rape that woman, Juanita Broaddrick a single time, not a single time…….”, Clinton referred the question to his attorney.

Brent Bozell reviews the media suppression of Clinton’s Bimbo eruptions and compares them to the current treatment of Herman Cain. There’s quite a difference.

This can be attributed to the fact that Cain is a conservative, or possibly that the lefties are offended at the thought of a Black man having even the opportunity of access to white women.

So far we are not seeing real evidence of Cain actually having sexual interaction with these women, but the media has declared Cain’s campaign to be dead. Many of Clinton’s accusers were able to produce corroboration and evidence to accompany their stories, yet he was elected twice.

Gloria Allred, the lawyer of Sharon Bialek, seems to have pretty much disappeared from the media eye after hearing from Cain’s lawyer. Could be Allred is good with media but not with actual law. Hmmmmm.

Siri Apparently Does Not Refer for Abortions

The iPhone 4s smart phone has voice interactivity with “artificial intelligence” nicknamed “Siri”. Jill Stanek reports: It seems that “Siri” can give you directions to any number of businesses nearby, but when asked for directions to the nearest abortion provider, “she” is not able to find one. See the investigation at the Abortioneers blog.

“Siri” is not so amenable to requests for emergency contraception, but does know where the CPCs are.

This phenomenon could possibly be related to the fact that Steve Jobs had felt thankful to his birth-mom for allowing him to be adopted, rather than aborting him.

Pharmer is hoping that “Siri” keeps her “conscience”.

Mysterious Explosions at Iran’s Nuclear Facilities

via Large Blast Heard in Isfahan, Iran — FARS News Agency Reports |

Monday afternoon, there was an explosion at a weapons depot in Isfahan, a city known to be a repository for experimental nuclear reactors and for uranium enrichment.   The Iranians have implied that it’s a test, only a test. Different stories have come from the various news services.

Maybe Iran  does not  want to appear weakened, especially after another nuclear missile facility, near the city of Malard,  was destroyed on November 12th this year.  Iranian officials had called this earlier incident an accident involving ammunition transport. OOPS!   Check The Blaze for some satellite photos. 

Herman Cain: He Said She Said, the Ginger White Edition

Ginger White says she had a 13 year Fling with Herman Cain. Herman Cain says he knew this woman for that period of time, but did not have sex with her. Also, Cain scooped the news stories by announcing the new eruption before the interview with Ms. White aired. We’re hoping for some voice analysis services on these interviews too. White has had some trouble paying the rent lately (multiple eviction notices) and perhaps needs an opportunity to make money from a book. Hopefully she is a good writer, and can handle a plausible 13 year stretch of good times with Herman.

In the order of appearance:

Georgia Woman Claims 13-Year Affair with Herman Cain:

Lefties are going to produce a sexual accusation from every woman with whom Herman Cain was ever associated, unless he gives up. It is bringing some significant free ad time to the candidate however, and might eventually work in his favor as people tire of the efforts.

Taya Kennedy, Modeling Star

Taya Kennedy: How Down Syndrome baby became the darling of the modelling world | Mail Online.

Taya Kennedy, a 14 month old girl from the UK has been signed on by Urban Angels, a well known model agency

Click above to see some of her pics. It’s easy to see why it didn’t bother the advertising minded people at Urban Angels Agency to find out, after the initial screenings, that  Taya has Down Syndrome. The camera ‘loves’ the kid. Proud parents are  Gemma Andre and Robbie Kennedy, who have had high optimism  for their daughter  from the beginning.