Planned Parenthood Director: Would Sacrifice Women for Abortion

A real live Planned Parenthood Feminist is directing the Waterloo Region of Canada. Angie Murie lets her dark shine:
“I wrestle with gender-based abortion more than any other reason [a person might give for choosing to have an abortion,] Gender? Geez,” she said. “From a macro perspective, I don’t think it’s a very good idea for us to be eliminating women. But if you look at it at the individual level, which is what we do, I don’t have any right to say that one person’s reason is better or worse than another’s.”

Yes, it’s Planned Parenthood’s Waterloo….letting everyone know what pro-lifers knew all along: They’d KILL off the female sex for the sake of $ abortion $. That’s golden handcuffs for ya! You know they need the money and lifestyle when they’re perfectly willing to maintain a policy of killing off their customer base for the current income opportunity.

Canada’s National Post captures dueling abortion supporters on the topic of whether to deny women the choice to preferentially kill their girl babies. Those who recognize the problem of selectively wiping out their customer base must tie their ideology in knots to restrict the women’s “choice” to kill.

Abortion proponents make it easy for us to write the shock articles. They’ve been talking to each other so long that they don’t understand how grotesque they sound to people to whom this killing is unthinkable. Director of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, Joyce Arthur can’t bring herself to just say no to sex selection abortion, even though she thinks women should be educated not to prefer boys over girls. “As soon as you put any kind of restriction on abortion, it really is a slippery slope,” ….”If you can restrict sex-based abortions, then why can’t you restrict abortions for genetic abnormalities? It’s not a road we should go down.”

Remember when the “slippery slope arguments” made no sense to the pro-aborts, who first sold abortion legalization based upon the “hard cases”?

Indiana panel backs abortion pill limit | The Courier-Journal |

Indiana panel backs abortion pill limit | The Courier-Journal |

Dr. John Stutzman, medical director of Planned Parenthood of Indiana, (and apparently allowed to teach at Indiana University), is not happy with the passage of Senate Bill 72 through the Health Committee. He says that using 200mg of mifepristone for chemical abortion, instead of the FDA recommended 600mg dose is sufficient. Apparently their purpose of reducing the progesterone receptor blocker and increasing the drug that causes violent uterine contractions is to avoid “side effects”. Planned parenthood sends the woman home with double the recommended dose of misoprostil to expel the embryo or fetus dead or alive.

No one is counting the failures which end up at our hospitals to have the abortion job finished up, and mind you, planned parenthood is NOT interested in having to report said failures so they can be tabulated and evaluated. (That requirement had already been removed from the bill.)

Whether the abortion job is finished by the chemical method or by follow up at a hospital (transferring liability to the hospital, and expense to that institution or to us) it is deemed a success at planned parenthood.

More commentary from Catholic News out of Ft. Wayne.

Right Truth: Obamacare- The Unintended Consequences

Right Truth: The Unintended Consequences Begin.

Read up…….. yes it’s true, the introduction of the new Epic systems for electronic record keeping in hospitals costs a lot, and it is associated with layoffs. Managers are in a tizzy about cost efficiency. There is effort to eliminate duplicate services and personnel.

The article linked above notes the relationship of Epics Judith Faulkner and donations to the Democrat Party, and her job on the Health Information Technology Policy Committee as Obama’s Medical Records Czar. Hmmmmmmmmm

Indiana Senate Bill 72

Since the time Pharmer was first informed of current Indiana legislation to regulate the use of abortion drugs,  there have been significant changes to the bill.

Of special concern is that no longer a  requirement to report adverse events associated with abortion drug use.
Existing  forms and services can be used  for such reporting with respect to drugs and medical devices,  for example:

Adverse events associated with or related to childbirth are reportable as such to  include the whole period of pregnancy, childbirth and the year after delivery, at the recommendation of the ACOG.
The non reporting of abortion related adverse events and deaths, combined with the more readily reported pregnancy related or associated deaths has led to false statistics comparing the relative risk of childbirth and abortion.
Senate Bill 72 is now structured in such a way as to facilitate a means to convince women  that abortion is safer than childbirth.   The lack of requirement for reporting abortion drug adverse events  serves to worsen the current  skewing and misrepresentation of facts, which denies patients the opportunity of giving informed consent.

Useful parts of the bill worth noting:  The definition of abortion inducing drug includes “off-label use of drugs known to have abortion inducing properties if the drug is prescribed with the intent of causing an abortion”.  (Ch.3 sec.1a)
The bill also requires that the abortionist  “follows the drug label protocol for the abortion producing drug. (Ch3. sec 3a-2)
Expect a firestorm from planned parenthood which utilizes mifepristone, RU-486, in an off label manner by using less of the drug  (a single 200mg tab) than recommended on the label, (three 200mg tablets)  and by using it up to, or at 63 days gestation instead of 49 days.
According to the Mifeprex label, U.S.,  three x 200mg tabs are to be administered in a single dose, and the patient returns to the clinic in 2 days to take 2 tabs (400mcg) of misoprostil, to expel the human embryo or fetus.   Planned Parenthood of Indiana is sending the patients home with four tablets (800mcg) according to their own info.

From Drs Gary and Harrison at Medscape:  “The US clinical trial demonstrated a failure rate of 8% at 49 days or less from the last menstrual period (LMP), increasing to 17% at 50-56 days from the LMP, and further increasing to a 23% failure at 57-63 days from the LMP, as established by sonographic criteria………One serious concern raised by this review of AERs is the suggested fetal malformation rate of at least 23% following mifepristone failures that resulted in continuation of a live pregnancy.”

Annals of Pharmacotherapy analysis of mifepristone adverse events reported to FDA 2000-2004.

Ralph Shortey Introduces Oklahoma Bill Outlawing Use of Aborted Fetuses in Food Industry |

Ralph Shortey Introduces Oklahoma Bill Outlawing Use of Aborted Fetuses in Food Industry |

Over at the Blaze this Oklahoma legislation  to forbid the use of  fetal tissue seems strange, but Pharmer is glad that they decided to call attention to it.

This Oklahoma bill is addressing an existing problem, and is worthy of attention. Perhaps Oklahoma citizens who are cognizant of the embryonic stem cell and fetal cell  derived technologies can assist with the language of the bill and regulations stemming from it. has been tracking the production of medicinal, vaccine and food products cultured, produced or tested using embryonic stem cell derived technology. The group monitors which cell lines are utilized, and the origins of those cell lines. Neostem is an adult stem cell research corporation which is committed to obtaining the benefits of adult and umbilical cord stem cell usage while avoiding the ethical liability of using tissue from purposely killed humans.

Pharmer fired off  a letter to Senator Shortey, in the hopes that he might re-craft the bill to include human embryos in the language.   It

Bogus Research – comparing abortion and child birth related maternal deaths

Abortion safer than giving birth: study | Reuters.

Reuters is telling us of a study, conducted by two abortion apologists,  that claims that abortion is much safer than giving birth.

The difficulty with the study is that it relies upon the reporting of complications associated with abortions, something which is not usually done, because it is in most cases, entirely voluntary.

It’s not a stigma or a problem to report deaths associated with childbirth, (whether or not the condition of pregnancy caused the death.

It is a huge stigma to report complications associated with abortion, and also a stigma for patients to report that the raging infection that sent them to the ICU has followed  an abortion procedure  rather than a miscarriage.

Hospitals are completing abortion procedures on a regular basis, and the reporting of this is very spotty. Once we realized that even the abortion related deaths listed in the newspapers were not being tallied by the CDC, pro-lifers knew that no studies comparing deaths from pregnancy vs deaths from abortion would be worth the paper they’re written on.

Pharmer has concluded from personal experience in health care, as well as  information on the reporting of abortion complications to the CDC, that there is no good data for comparing the safety of child birth vs abortion for the woman.  We do know that abortion is highly lethal to the unborn baby, though there are a number of well known survivors.

After reading some of the articles below,  most will no longer find CDC abortion mortality data to be reliable or useful.

The Tale of CDC missing a nationally syndicated abortion death discussed at an conference in front of two CDC staffers tells you how crazy the stats can be.

The Under-reporting of abortion complications in Illinois.

How is the data of abortion complications collected?

Abortion records cannot be tallied from death certificates. A single U.S. private investigator tallied 30 percent more abortion related deaths than the entire CDC.

Abortion and mortality rates WIKI… the CDC has stopped counting the ectopic pregnancies missed by abortion providers, a frequent life threatening problem as the women assume, after abortion, that they could not possibly be pregnant.

More on meaningless abortion mortality statistics.

Here are  the ACOG standards for reporting pregnancy associated and pregnancy related deaths:

Pregnancy-associated death. The death of a woman while pregnant or within 1 year of termination of pregnancy, irrespective of cause.
Pregnancy-related death. The death of a woman while pregnant or within 1 year of termination of pregnancy, irrespective of the duration and site of the pregnancy, from any cause related to or aggravated by her pregnancy or its management, but not from accidental or incidental causes.

In your most fevered imaginings, do you think that there is complete reporting of abortion related deaths using these standards?

Meth-Heads Filling Hospitals With Burn Patients

My Way News – AP IMPACT: Meth fills hospitals with burn patients.

Only about 10 percent of meth heads have health insurance, so when they cook themselves while trying to cook their methamphetamine, the burden of care falls upon the hospital. The average cost of care for a meth burn patient is said to be $130,000 dollars. The financial burden of non-recovered hospital expenses has closed down at least 7 burn wards in the U.S.due to insolvency.

The most common means for self immolation among meth heads is the shake and bake method. Opening the 2 liter reaction vessel too soon or having an unplanned leakage can cause an explosion. About 70 injuries related to meth cooking have been reported in Indiana in the last two years, but who knows the real number? The burn victims aren’t too eager to tell the truth about how they were burned.
David Greenhalgh of the University of California, Davis, Burn Center says that 25-35% of the patients there test positive for meth.