Harry Reid taken to ER after six car accident

Reid's condition unknown after traffic accident – News – ReviewJournal.com.

As of now, the condition of Senator Harry Reid is unknown, even to his son Rory.
Reid had just visited the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas prior to the auto accident. He was headed to an editorial board meeting of El Tiempo, a Las Vegas news publication. The live feed of the traffic alert system was shut down shortly after the accident. A photo of the accident scene is HERE.

Update: Politico sez Reid is not hurt.

Bimbette Obamarama!

Check out this Obama ad….. Bimbette of the year, Lena Dunham sez that when you do it for the first time, you wanna do it with a guy who cares if you have birth control. That’s right, YOU, not HIM!!!!!

If Lena is sterilized by her sex habits (Chlamydia trachomatis) or her pills (hormonal derangement), will it be a selective advantage for the human species. Hmmmmmmmmm???

The Student Loan Crisis

Pharmer spotted a document coming from the Campus Progress brench of the Center for American Progress on the Student Loan Crisis, and felt compelled to respond:

Our government has been selling the idea that college education is an absolute necessity, and should be accessible by everyone. Naturally this has led to an influx of students, some of whom are completely unprepared for college level classes, and who have obtained government grants and various loans to enter school. Many have absolutely no intention of repaying the loans.

All things administered and/or funded by the government will increase in price far faster than baseline inflation.
Education and healthcare are prime examples of this.

The real problem is NOT that a private lender is willing to give a loan to a student and gets the student to agree to a specific payment plan and interest rate. The true travesty is that colleges and universities are so eager to sell useless degrees and propaganda to students which are actually detrimental to their employment future. Many of the universities are willfully inculcating helplessness. Students are graduating with no job prospects in their area of training.
The problem is also not with the existence of for profit educational institutions. It is that the government is paying for unprepared students to go there, or granting loans for the same. Without this government intervention, many of the most problematic educational institutions would not have even been formed in the first place. The education bubble will pop just as the housing bubble did, because loans were made to people who could or would not repay them. This could have been stopped by requiring a significant down payment to be coming from the students themselves. The result of the education crisis will be similar to that of the housing crisis: massive loan defaults and a broken industry, with increased joblessness.

The increase in costs to the students is being blamed on reduction in government funding for educational institutions. Some people don’t realize that the debt for educational funding is passed to the students when they begin working.

The students will pay for education one way or another, by working their way through, by paying loans, and by paying the taxes which support our educational institutions with their bloated infrastructures and administrations.

The one difference is that the TAXES which will support the colleges and universities are paid by ALL tax payers including those who cannot afford to go to college. For one example, the pharmacy techs where I work, could not afford to go to college when they were young, but they are paying taxes for the children of other people to go straight through four years of college on the government dime, or on government loans which will often be defaulted. Some of the techs have slowly obtained college education as they work, and one by one, they head off into new careers.

The American people, who worked their way through higher education, and those who are still unable to do so, need to be informed that THEY ARE EXPECTED TO PAY FOR UNIVERSITY STUDENTS WHO THINK EDUCATION OUGHT TO BE FREE!!!!

Nothing is free.

First of all we need to understand that college education is not for everyone. More than half of people don’t have the kind of academic acumen to get through a traditional four year program. They should be encouraged (never forced) to go into a career and education program that fits their abilities, instead of being propelled towards certain failure and crippling debt.

The solution is for the educational institutions to stop building useless infrastructure which wastes energy and resources, and to fire all of their excess/useless administrators. Our higher education has to be leaner and more cost effective. Too much of it is run by greedy, money grubbing, frequently leftist 1%-ers who need to be replaced by those who know where money comes from, and would be wise stewards of whatever funding comes their way. When these changes come about, the cost of education to students and to the tax payers will drop.

Currently there are private programs which pay grants to students to NOT go to traditional colleges, and go straight into industry. It’s an awesome experiment and may serve to tap the creativity of young people before the universities suck it out of them. Cultural education is being moved out of the universities and housed in on-line resources. Testing and internships or apprenticeships, have been added as university requirements to enter more and more professions which require high skill. This is evinces the failure of universities to provide the necessary preparation for real world opportunities. This provides a strong impetus for higher education to be “homeschooled” and obtained online.

In short, our creativity and inventiveness will only be preserved to the extent that we can escape governmental control of our access to educational resources and opportunities.

Media Bails on Obama: Libya-Gate

Unlike the days of Nixon, the media has assisted Obama in his cover-up of the actual occurrences and portrayed a false view of both the occurrences in Benghazi during the U.S. Ambassador to Libya was killed along with three other Americans.

CBS has decided to do a 180 and bust both itself and Obama for the negligence and the coverup, which resulted in unraveling of the U.S. stature in the Middle East, as well as the unnecessary loss of life which extends far beyond the four people killed at the Embassy.

Libya-Gate is far too gentle a name for the egregious failure and negligence and dishonesty which characterizes the handling of the Benghazi incident.     The cover-up of the Watergate burglary is Nothing compared to this.

CBS has let loose an unaired 60 minutes clip which establishes that Obama lied about the nature of the attack on the Libyan Embassy.

The White House had intelligence on the attack two hours after it started.   The attack proceeded without response from the U.S. for many hours, at the end of which, the final two victims lost their lives. It is established that the attack was pre-planned and organized by Al Quaida

If you will recall,we were told  repeatedly by the Obama administration and its media allies that the attacks sprang out of natural protests of a video that almost Nobody  knew about before the U.S. government advertised it.

What is essentially has been coming out of this incident is that the Obama Administration has been assisting the wrong Midde East factions,Al-Quaeda is alive and well, Obama failed to answer the “3am call” -choosing to campaign and raise funds¬† instead, Obama and the media covered it up, and an American has been illegally persecuted¬† for producing a video that had nothing to do with this.

CBS chose not to air this clip from Sixty Minutes for an entire month.

More From the War on Women

Dem Rep Pens Novel with Graphic Rape Scene, Character Says Rape Prevents ‘Inbreeding’.

Have you heard a media stir or outcry from the feminazis  concerning a theory on the evolutionary advantages of rape?

The idea (not new) put forth by Dem Representative Jerry McNerney, who serves California’s Central Valley, is that rape is a means to prevent inbreeding.¬† A minor character is introduced in his novel to investigate a brutal rape.¬† The character suggests that men increased in size due to evolutionary pressures which allowed them to take women sexually by force, thereby preventing inbreeding.

The media focuses on the Republican idea that rape is not an excuse to kill an innocent third party, yet ignore these kinds of oddities coming from the left.

Nothing to see here???

Enter the Third Level

Pharmer thinks the Democrat’s theory might not hold up in THIS CASE, in which a custodial parent is charged with sexual abuse of the 14 year old girl in his care. It depends on the actual relationship of Biden’s secret service agent, the alleged perpetrator, to the adolescent victim, which is not yet apparent.


THE REMNANT NEWSPAPER: Pro-Choice Senate Candidates Believe in Spontaneous Generation

THE REMNANT NEWSPAPER: Pro-Choice Senate Candidates Believe in Spontaneous Generation.

Click it!   The author, Chris Jackson notes that two Connecticut Senate candidates have purported the idea  that human beings spring spontaneously from non living material at the time of birth.

It’s like being thrown back in time to¬† when people believed that maggots sprang directly from the flesh of dead animals. In the 17th century, Francesco Redi disproved this idea.

Such antiquated ideas fly in the face of countless observations  in science and medicine, but the leftist media, being largely unfamiliar with these disciplines have not a critical word to say about Chris Murphy and Linda McMahon.

Meanwhile, the journalosts  continue to lose their hive-mind  over Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin, who understand that the human organism is alive from fertilization onward, and believe that all human life should be respected.

Pro-life politician’s rape comment wildly and purposefully distorted

Pro-life politician’s rape comment wildly and purposefully distorted.

This is the Pro-life Vid of the day over at Jill Stanek’s pro-life place.

Richard Mourdock on seeing only “life of the mother” as sufficient excuse for abortion: “I struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize that life is that gift from God. And, I think, even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.”
Mourdock did not back down when asked to explain his statement:
‚ÄúWhat I said was, in answering the question form my position of faith, I said I believe that God creates life. I believe that as wholly and as fully as I can believe it. That God creates life. Are you trying to suggest that somehow I think that God pre-ordained rape? No, I don‚Äôt think that. That‚Äôs sick. Twisted. That‚Äôs not even close to what I said. What I said is that God creates life.‚ÄĚ

Pharmer will have to send a another donation to Mourdock’s campaign today.

Not a dime was sent to the Romney campaign because he threw Todd Akin under the bus.

The Republican establishment leadership showed your friendly Pharmer their lack of gonads one too many times, and now there is no use for the party affiliation.

Romney’s response to Mourdock is expected. The only reason to vote for Romney is to get rid of Obama, who is crazy for abortion.

Hopefully Mourdock will continue to stick to his guns with respect to this statement. A pregnancy from rape can produce as big a gift as any other kind of unplanned pregnancy.

Why have people become so offended by the idea that God decides the life and death matters?

The failed control freaks will be identifiable by their reaction to Mourdock’s statement.

One last note: Abortion is frequently and successfully used for concealing the fact of rape. Planned Parenthood is known for assisting with this concealment.